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There is a Certain Happiness in Being Silly and Ridiculous.

Life is Better When You’re Laughing!

Syllee’s Story

Sylvia Lee became officially known as Syl Lee on March 4, 2000 when I married Scott Lee.  A few years later, my oldest Granddaughter Kayla was charmed by my antics and started calling me Grandma Syllee.  It caught on and stuck.  

Syllee Creations was born as I shared my interests in “creating” which comes in many forms.  I am not an artist per se.  I cannot paint or draw.  For me, creativity shines in creative thinking, writing, organizing, simple sewing, and producing anything that gives me joy.  

I resonate with the quote, “There is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous.” Thank YOU for your silly and creative interest!

Your submission of a favorite quote or image that includes the word “silly,” or “creative,” might be posted and highlighted in the future.  Please see the “Contact Syllee!” area at the bottom of this page to submit something silly or creative. 

Privately Contact Syllee

Based out of Champlin, Minnesota. Serving and Welcoming Creativity and Humor 

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