Bonita Springs Carrabbas Serves Dinner to RV

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Reviews

Salad delivered to our RV Door by Bonita Springs Carrabbas

Favorite Chicken Marsala & Fettucinie Alfredo entre delivered with a smile under the mask by Bonita Springs Carrabbas

3rd Course Chocolate Dream Dessert delivered by owner Francisco of Bonita Springs Carrabbas

Bonita Springs Carrabbas Serves Dinner to Motorhome

We had a big home run at Cisco Carrabbas Bonita Springs They served a 3-course dinner to our Covid safe RV Bubble in their parking lot.  We ordered our favorite meal and were not disappointed as each course was separately delivered safely and deliciously to our motorhome door.  El Perfecto!  Thank you!
Two thumbs up!


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