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For those who care, read on.  For those don’t, hit the “Delete” e-mail button on your computer or phones Now.  Makes no difference to me.  I can still amuse myself with the stories I write whether you choose to read or not.  By special request, I’m including a few new people on my mailing list.  However please feel free to let me know at any time if you want to be “unsubscribed.”    I have a handy dandy “Delete” button, too.  😉

Here we go again…..traveling.  I love  road trips.  Makes me feel happy until about dinner time.  Then I’m ready to be done.  Scott’s behind the wheel.  He likes to be in control and is not a good passenger.  Me….I’m in the passenger seat carrying out my assigned navigator duties.  I keep myself entertained with my computer, phone, magazines, word games, and story writing.  I have an Internet “hotspot” so I can be connected as much as I need or like.  I like these arrangements.  Keeps us both pretty content.

I’ve already warned the hubby that he is subject to be a character in any of my stories.   He might want to be careful so he doesn’t inadvertently provide me too much material.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much.

Our first day was uneventful until we reached our hotel destination in “Normal, IL.”  We’ve stayed there several times; but this time the evening “check–in” staff was not so “normal” and she did not get one of those employee thank you notes from me.  When she appeared at the desk, there was some slight “postal” (no offense intended) mannerisms.  By that, I mean she didn’t seem like she was a happy/enthusiastic employee.

I smiled and said lots of polite thank yous even when she seemed annoyed that I asked for our “Elite” status bottle of water.  Have a good evening lady.  Oh, and then a few minutes after we arrived in our room, there was a knock on our door.  It was “her” again asking if we’d requested an extra blanket and pillow. “Uh no.”  Have a good evening lady.  The check-out clerk in the morning was friendly and cheery.  Thank you.

Our second night on the road was spent near Opryland, Nashville, TN.  The Christmas decorations and lights were lovely.  We had a nice dinner.  People watching is always fun, including the approximately 10 (if that) year old grand piano player in the lobby.  He wasn’t official entertainment.  I think he stumbled across the piano and just sat down and started playing.  For his age, he could really tickle the ivories  and played all from memory.  He beamed when the small crowd that had gathered applauded.  What a little charmer.

Last year for Christmas, my daughter Heather, gave me “Lava Buns.”  It’s a microwavable heating pad which is suitable to take to football games, soccer games, use on aches/pains, and cold leather car seats to keep your buns warm.  I’ve used it quite a bit in this last year.  Two things I’ve learned and decided on this trip so far.

  1.  Do not heat Lava Buns in the tiny hotel room microwaves that are too small for it to fit comfortably.
  2. Executive decision:  The Trailblazer we’re driving WILL have an “auto start” mechanism installed sometime 2015.  It will probably be the kind that you can start from your smart phone.  I’ve always been a gadget person.  Gadgets for comfort are even better.

I almost hit the “send button” as we’re approaching tonight’s destination.  But I’m so glad I didn’t because….

I told you that hubby was given fair warning about his presence in my story, right?  Well he didn’t disappoint me.  Here’s the punch line to today’s story.  We’ve just arrived at our hotel in Tifton, Georgia.  “We” (remember who is driving) are backing into a spot near a bright flood light in the parking lot because we have our bikes on the back of the Trailblazer and want to keep them as safe as possible.

There has been an acknowledgement in the past that backing almost anything is not necessarily “our” best skill.   “We” take a couple stabs at backing up to the curb between 2 cars under the bright parking lot light.  Suddenly “someone” makes a serious inquiry, “Is my seat crooked?!  Or am I crooked?!  What the heck is going on here?!”  I cracked up.  I mean really cracked up  and thanked him for the great ending he provided for today’s story.  I needed that laugh!


  1. You do get into some pickles,,,,but you always find the humour in them!
    What a talent! Maybe your next career is stand up comedian.
    Scott could do the rimshots

  2. I do enjoy your funny little stories!! On this rather cool and rainy it puts a genuine smile on our faces.
    Question for you. When is your Birthday. I’m sorry you our sad about your childhood “B” Day celebration or should I say lack off. I would like to brighten your day with a birthday wish like you brighten our days with your funny little stories. Love Lynn

  3. Well I hope you have a very happy birthday Sylvia!! My hats off to you for saving Scott!


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