Pint Garlic Devilish Dill Pickles

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I was asked to write a letter to my granddaughter, Holly, in preparation for her religious confirmation.  I also decided to create a special pickle label in her honor.  It served its purpose for conversation about prayerfulness. Granddaughter Gracie has her own label called “Singin Dills” to highlight her love for music.  Granddaughter Leah plays soccer and has her own “Kickin Dills” pickle label.   I refer to these three granddaughters as the “three amigos” who delight in spending time together.  One day they will probably inherit my special recipe.  Until then, it’s Syllee’s well-kept secret and I treasure our pickle canning tradition each year.

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Need a unique gift for a family reunion, wedding, birthday, thank you, or corporate gift?  Ask me about creating a special label for your situation.

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