A Fruitful Day

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Another Day Another Dollar–Spent that is.  It’s a little long; but stick with me, the surprise endings are worth it, at least to me.  Remember, it’s my story, so it might not be of any interest to you and it’s okay to jump ship at any point.  I won’t know or care.

We were off and running….I mean off and shopping…….for more garage organization parts.

Me: Oh, by the way, can we also stop at that furniture place that has that sale going on?

Him: “Is it a tent sale?”

Me: “No, I don’t want a tent silly Mr. Lee. The proverbial “we” want new living room tables.”

After lots of looking, I thought today was not the day to find new coffee/end tables.

Female Redhead Sales Nuisance, “ Let me help you find what you are looking for.”

Me: “We are looking for our previous sales person, Craig. Is he here today?

Female Redhead Sales Nuisance, “Oh, I don’t know. He’s been promoted to Rug Manager and I don’t know if he’s here.”

Me: “ I think we’ll just wander and look around ourselves. Thank you.” Insert thinking cloud here, “I bet if we look around, we’ll find him. Or maybe we’ll go to Customer Service and have him paged.”


Redhead Female Sales Nuisance: “What exactly are you looking for?”

Us obligingly, “We’re trying to find living room tables that will match the woodwork in our home and existing furniture. “

Redhead Female Nuisance, “What are the colors of your furniture?”

Us: “Greens, tan, beige.”

Redhead Female Sales Nuisance: “What color is your carpet?”

Me: “Medium Brown and Thank you for your help; but we’ll just go about looking around by ourselves and see what we find Now (a little emphasis on the Now).”  Insert another thinking cloud, “Lady, please leave us alone.”

After considerable looking we were about to give up, when around another corner, we found a possible table grouping. Interesting lines to the design and wood color might be complementary. The price that I thought was just for one table was the price of three tables. Amazing! This might be it! But not before we finish the furniture store tour. It’s a rule ya know. So a little more looking until we would get back to our starting point when we spotted a coffee table that might work even better.

Older Sales Geek intercepted us as we headed down the home stretch to our beginning point, “May I help you find something?”

Us: “We found a coffee table possibility and wondered if you have additional matching pieces.”

Older Sales Geek: “Let me check on that, as well as, inventory.   I’ll show you the additional piece on the opposite side of the store and yes, they are available.”

Me: Great! Pay Dirt! It’s your lucky day. We’ll take these two pieces and determine what additional piece(s) we might need. Write it up please.”

While making the purchase, I needed to visit the Little Girls Room. O.K… I decided to check the “CLEARANCE” area. It’s a rule ya know. One cannot leave most any store without checking the clearance items.

Surprise #1: Wa La! There was a serving tray with all the right accent colors, and I had to have it. It was already marked down, and the sale reduced it another 50%. Magical! We’re set. Let’s get out of here.

Surprise #2: Remember Craig? Our previous salesperson. There he was at the Customer Service Check Out Desk when we went to buy the serving tray. Naturally, a conversation ensued.

Surprise #3: When we got home there was some assembly required. The coffee table with a drawer on both sides really weren’t drawers at all. They’re fakes! However, the tabletop lifts up and there is a wonderful compartment for stuff. The end tables have real drawers for goodies. Winner  Winner Chicken Dinner!

How’s that for another day and another dollar spent with surprise endings?! Let the fun begin……furniture arranging and rearranging.


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