A Jarring Event

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A Jarring Event Meliorated

Updated November 30, 2023

Meliorated?  That’s another good word.  It’s meliorated at least for me.  Another memory of pickle activity documented.

2023 Breaking News (not jars)  

**More “jarring” events occurred July through November 2023.  Pickles always dominate Syllee’s attention and a fun Dyllee cult developed especially to make Dyllee Dip.

**This year Syllee Creativity was also drawn to a create proprietary recipes for Jellie’s with bacon. No copycats allowed. The response has been phenomenal.  Go to www.sylleecreations.com/products and scroll down to see all the items flagged as “New.”  Pretty good, eh?  I’m especially proud of the new cute, colorful labels. That’s where some of my creativity shines.

**Another creative development was the 2023 use of privately grown “Maltzen” peppers. The Maltzen’s like all sorts of peppers, so he developed his own creative organic soil mixture and mastered growing a variety of beeeautiful peppers and other garden goodies.  My favorite pickle pepper for my Hot, Double Hot, and Triple Hots will remain un-named for pepper   privacy’s sake.  Imagine a hot pepper being shy!  We keep it secret just like my Garlic Devilish Dill Pickle recipes.  Many people have wanted me to enter my pickles in the State Fair and other contests.  I have no doubt they’re winners, but I will not submit my recipe as rules for those contests require.  Nope!

A hot, double hot, or triple hot customer might notice a slight change in the level of “heat.” This can occur because of how much rain or drought, and sun etc. occurs during the growing season. The same is true for the cucumbers or fruit used in our “jarring” (aka canning) process.  Maltzen provided me a plant to grow my own pepper, but I drowned it.  :{  I deferred to the master.

The Maltzens enjoy my pickles; he enjoys them hotter, while Mrs. Maltzen prefers them milder. We’ve “hooked” some of their friends, too.   I created some labels for Maltzen’s privately bottled hot sauce.  Sounds a bit like moon shine, doesn’t it?  Will Baby Maltzen who arrived this summer enjoy dad’s peppers, too?  We must make sure there’s a prompt introduction to peppers, pickles, and pepper jellies.

**If time (which I never have enough of) permits, I will share some other thoughts though about the Syllee Creation Jarring Process in another post.  Stay tuned; but don’t hold your breath too long.  Heck, spring 2023 planting season came and went, summer growing and harvesting season flew by, fall canning and freezing season has evaporated.  Christmas 2023 is arriving, and I didn’t post Christmas 2022 memories yet.  Hurry up Syllee!

A Jarring Event Ameliorated

Updated July 27, 2022

Ameliorated?  Ha!  Now that’s an attention getter.  Here’s an update and the good news.  Don’t miss the “Breaking News” portion of information below too.

We launched our canning as soon as possible after the birth of local cucumbers.  By “we” I mean my Pickle Cleaner and Pickle Sous-Chef Extraordinaire, Scott, and I are transforming the cucumbers into stunningly delicious “Syllee Creations Devilish Garlic Dills.”  Some are Hot and some are Not Hot.  I tell you, they’re beautiful as they make their appearance and stroll down the “Syllee” Pickle Runway. 

For those of you who like “organicism,” I’m happy to report our products are all ala natural.  Straight from the ground into the highly sterilized glass round.  The cucumbers, dill, and peppers are locally grown (on my deck and soon some by my webmaster Ryan).  The water used to individually clean each pickle is recycled to water the pictured pepper and dill plants.  Some of you have asked, so I’ll detail the fascinating canning process further in the future. More of my humor, right?! 

This week, some very fortunate clients will take delivery of some pickles after their maturation process.  I’m thinking about creating some sort of adoption certificate.  After all, Syl’s Dill’s are like family as they are each handled with “TLC.” 

“BREAKING NEWS:”   There are new runway models called “Syllee’s Devilish Garlic Dill Niblets” being hired to make an appearance during the 2022 canning season.  Initially, the availability is limited; but you won’t want to miss out on the Niblets to make Dill Pickle Dips, for Salads, and Salsa.  The regular ½ Pint Niblets will sell for $4.00; and the ½ Pint “hot” Niblets will sell for $4.50. I am working on creating a postcard size glossy recipe card in a clear cellophane sleeve that will sell for $2.50 for yourself or gift giving enjoyment. 

Please leave me a friendly picklely (a new word coined by this author) comment below if you’re already a customer.  If you’re not, it is not too late to let me know you would like to try my “sampler” ½ pint size of regular for $4.00 or ½ pint size with some “heat” for $4.50.  www.sylleecreations.com/products

Wishing you a great day full of Syl’s Dills.  You can’t eat just one. Some people eat a whole jar at once.  Those are true Syl’s Dill Pickle Lovers!

A Jarring Event

(original story published July 8, 2022)

Let the canning season begin…..well soon, at least.  Cucumbers aren’t ready yet.  They’re a little late due to lack of rain.  Not sure of the exact timing; but I’m on high watch.

The canning bug has bitten, and I’m anxious to get started.  I decided to get a jump with a “starter batch” of brine.  Oh, how I’ve missed the smell of tangy pickle juice wafting through the entire house.  Scott probably not so much; but he’s sure a good sport and becoming an excellent cucumber sous-chef.

I’m wondering if my three amigos (Holly, Leah, and Gracie) will be game for another day of “cuking” this year.  They’ve all got “real” jobs now and have limited availability (interest?).

Pickle pre-orders are arriving. Canning is a lot of work, but I get an odd sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.  Let’s raise our glasses to toast the 2022 season of Syllee Creations Devilish Garlic Dills.


While we’re waiting on the birth of this years’ cukes, don’t miss out on fresh strawberry, rhubarb hot and not so hot jellies that have made their beautiful appearance on the Syllee Creations Canning Runway. Let me know if you have a craving or gifting need for some. 


  1. We will avoid any “you’re in a pickle” jokes, but do respectfully suggest a name for the niblets might be “Syllees Dillies.”

    • I like both “You’re in a Pickle” for other reasons and Syllee’s Dillies” Consider a new career in Marketing Quips and Branding. 🙂

      • When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar. Speaking of doors, behind door #3 — Jars of Syllees Dillies!

        • You’re winning me over Sir Clever.

  2. I can attest to the pure deliciousness of the Devilish Dills. So good!

    • Thank you Debbie. My “traveling” Devilish Dills loved their trip to Utah! Think about an occasional reunion. Maybe put them on your Christmas wish list for someone to order for you. Very practical and they don’t hang around long to clutter up the house.


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