A Moose On Our Deck!

by | May 18, 2014 | Stories

There was lots of racket and squawking early this morning on our deck.  I quietly peeked out from our kitchen area to see what the heck was going on.  There “it” was…..an adult Goose tip toeing across the deck railing as if it were a tight rope.

ME IN A WHISPER:  “Scott, Scott…come quickly to see the Goose on our deck.”  SCOTT:  What?  I can’t….I’m too sleepy.”

ME STILL IN A WHISPER, “You’ve got to see the Goose on our deck.”

SCOTT with his Mr. Magoo face and voice:  “What?  What?  There’s a MOOSE on the deck??!!”  And out he stumbled to see the MOOSE on our deck.  How hilarious is that, especially since our deck is about 10 feet off the ground and surrounded by spindles and a railing?


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