As the Story Continues – Washington, D.C. Day 2

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Energy high and doing amazingly well on Day 2 of Washington, D.C.   Another blessed warm, sunny day.  How fortunate  are we?!  Here we go.

Bus from campground to the first “M” station, a couple changes to different subway lines and here we are.  Today we’ll take the full Trolley Bus Tour to get the lay of Washington D. C. land.  Sightseeing and people watching are incredible.  I’m always amazed at people in general.  I relish their personalities most.  Overhearing bits and pieces of conversations is a blast and can sometimes make good story writing material.  Even different smells (lack of showers, after shave, deodorants, hairspray, cigars, cigarettes, food), dress style, hair style, and make-up are intriguing clues to personalities.  What are their stories?

Arlington Cemetery was a major stop on our Day 2 Trolley Tour.  Will my good feet fortune continue?  I think I am to blame for my chronic condition due to the high heels I wore to work for 35 years, lots of walking through clinics and hospitals, lots of dancing, lots of standing on my feet in my EmbroidMe store, and a stoic reluctance to treat when the condition was more acute.  Most people don’t understand the condition and its limitations.  After all, like other conditions I look fine.  Grin and bear it.  Ignore the pain and keep moving.

Now I understand it seemed like my mom’s shoe fetish.  Perhaps this is a little genetic.  Always in search of the more comfortable shoe.  My dad complained about his narrow flat feet, too.

Today is different though.  The story continues and I’m remarkably pain free (with no Alieve or Advil) while walking for miles.  We’re elated.

Arlington Cemetery is full of trees in full drunken bloom.  By that I mean, the branches were heavily drenched and sagging from the weight of the cherry blossoms and white flowering crab trees.  Spectacular!  We walked miles to see the sights within the sight.  Where the Kennedys are buried.  The torch on Jack Kennedy’s gravesite.  The  House of Robert E. Lee.  A beautiful structure covered in blooming Wisteria.   Fortuitously, exactly on time, to see the ceremonious Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.   Another great photo op.

More walking to get back on our Trolley Tour.  How fascinating to see where dignitaries lived and still live in the wealthy and charming old Georgetown area.   President Biden’s residence.  All the Foreign Embassy buildings with their different architectural styles and colorful country flags flying proudly.  I had no idea they were lined up next to each other on the same street block after block.  Some things on the national news will be more meaningful now.  Georgetown tempted me with good looking shopping, coffee shops, and restaurants on “M” and “Wisconsin” streets.

Off the Trolley Bus and on foot in Chinatown area to find some dinner.   More interesting people.  I’m feeling slightly uncomfortable.  Scott informs me this is clean and safe compared to where we might take our next major trip.  Oh goody.  Something to look forward to.  Note to self:  In the future, wear my Claddagh ring that Scott had made for me not my regular wedding band diamond.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Claddagh design.  It’s an Irish design cupped with a pair of hands around the heart, and topped with a crown.  The symbolism stands for “Friendship, Love, and Loyalty.”  My ring is a bit unusual in that the heart is made of a green emerald.  I love it and it makes me feel more comfortable.

Down the blocks of Chinatown, past the people, shops, and Asian food, and ironically around the corner to a Mexican restaurant.  We’re kind of guacamole snobs and it might have been our best ever…. A large bowl of serious chunkiness made tableside.  My goodness, the avocados were the largest I’ve seen….should have asked where they were grown.  They seem like they could be State Fair competition material.  The tacos were tasty and my margarita was smooth.

Conveniently, the Subway station was across the street from where we ate.  Let’s hop the Tram, catch the bus, and get these happy feet home to our “cottage.”   I did not take anything like Alieve today and I’m giddy with pain free astonishment.   How can this be?  What a delightful day.  And so the story goes…..Day 3 to follow.


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