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by | Apr 19, 2015 | Stories

Warning:  To those “newbies” added to my mail list, you might be the subject or character in one of my future stories.  Just sayin…….you’ve been warned.

It’s that time again.  Time to catch up on our activities and observations for the last few days.  Time for heads down with the computer.  Time to take a deep breath.  Time to breathe.  Time to slow the heart rate down.  And so this story starts.

First let me explain that some of my story writing is driven by our travels or I should say, my rides.  Often people ask if I drive our RV.  My response is, yes, I have and I can, and I did previously; but not recently.  Captain Lee prefers to be at the helm.  You know how I like to keep Captain Lee happy.  So I have embraced the role of the mostly  happy Navigator.  Until……and so the story continues.

Our cottage has been rolling since early this morning.  This is one of our longer days by our motorhome travel standards.  I’ve been busy catching up on some magazines, email, Facebook, and Words with Friends.  We want to make sure we arrive at Cherry Hill Campground in Maryland near Washington, D.C. before dark today which makes the unhooking process so much easier.   I usually do just fine staying pre-occupied as we travel.

Today is slightly different.  Here’s an exchange in our conversation:

Captain Lee:  Could you tell me the next few steps in our route?  Where am I going to exit and go next?

Navigator Sylvia:  Sure I’ll tell you on a “need to know” basis if you can stop passing every semi-truck.  That last one really took my breath away.  Do you see that next semi is kind of weaving?

Captain Nerves of Steel Lee:   Yes I see that (as he barrels up alongside) and o.k.   I’ll only pass the semi’s only on a “need to pass” basis. (I guess someone took his funny pill this morning)

Navigator Sylvia:  What do you think is going on?  Is he drunk?  Is he falling asleep?  I can’t look……….  Oh!  I see!!  He’s talking on his phone and he looks about 17 years old.  I’m going back to hide in the shower.  (It’s about the size of an old small phone booth; but it has a flip down seat in it) and I’ll shout the directions from there.  Either that or the toilet room which is about the same size.

No wonder Captain Lee doesn’t like the passenger seat.  It’s hard not to be in control.  I should win a medal of some sort for all my valor Will someone please go to work on that for me?!

I also think those nerve-wracking cement barricades should be outlawed.  Now we’re in a section of highway where the clowns are out zig zagging their way to the Shrine Circus I guess.

Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Only an hour to go.  And so the story goes except I didn’t get into the real nuts & bolts of our activities for the past couple days.  I’ll see what I can crank out another time.  Right now it’s time to start getting into camp arrival mode so I can prepare a scrumptious crock pot meat loaf, potatoes and corn dinner.

Just call me Navigator.  Betty Crocker.  Susy Homemaker.  Woman of many talents.  NOT!  Scott’s cousin called me “Martha Sophia” recently because he likes to call me Sophia and because I showed him how dryer lint makes really good charcoal starter for the BQ grill or fire pit.  Start saving it….it really works and it’s called “upcycling.”   smile

One never knows what you’ll learn from me.  Stay tuned for more “As the story goes….”

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  1. You’re a hoot!


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