Christmas 2021 Lingers in February 2022

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Here is probably my favorite Christmas letter ever.  The back story is that Sidney, the little 11-year-old author of this letter got in some trouble at home with her parents and lost her electronic device(s) privileges.  She was told she could have her devices back if she took care of the family Christmas letter.  So off she went to their office and reappeared about a half an hour later with 100+ printed, without her parents proofreading, and ready to mail.

I was going to post this during Christmas 2022 season, but it is too good to save.  Her 10-year-old sister is already planning their 2022 letter and I can’t wait to see her rebuttal and publish that one, too.  This is how it goes (unedited except for removing their last name) in Sidney’s world. Enjoy!  If this doesn’t make you chuckle……

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Dear friends and family,

We love and miss you all and hope you are all doing good, along with that we will tell you how we are doing. There will be seven paragraphs altogether including this one. And now we will continue to the family.

Shawna as a person is doing good and achieving goals in work like a raise and making phone calls with her colleges and boss. The other day she helped me make Christmas cookies but my cat made them fall and 99.9% broke. But besides that, she is just fine.

Carver is doing well but has had to work a lot of nights recently but besides that life is good. Carver is not a morning person and gets crabby m0st mornings but the good mornings are just fine.

I Sidney is doing just fine and am still getting good grades. I recently finished swimming and planning to do it next year. In reading, we are altogether reading a book called Wolf Hollow. I and my friends are getting along quite well and enjoy playing Roblox.

Hailey is well annoying as usual and we don’t get along but that’s old news the new news is Hailey has been writing for her class newspaper and did quite well in my opinion.

She has been hanging out with her may I say “CRINGY” friends and is now in figure skating. She has been ongoing arts and crafts (Like usual). She was recently playing Roblox and enjoying her time.

Bob has been well as well along with lounging 24/7 and playing his kindle. He has recently finished flag football and playing with our neighbors is one of his most frequent hobbies. His most favorite thing to do is play Fortnite with his friends and other people. Our pets are doing well and being friendly. We now have two dogs, a cat, and nine chickens.

Our chickens are starting to take up frostbite and some of them are getting bumblefoot. The cat Homer is doing just fine, lazy as ever yes but just fine. The dogs are enjoying their lives and getting lots of love.

This is the end of the letter but again we miss you and hope to see you soon.

-Sidney, 2021

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  1. Nice letter from Sidney! It was fun to read from her perspective. I’m sure her family chuckled when they read it.


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