Christmas Food Fiasco

by | Dec 26, 2021 | Stories

 Shhhhhh!  Do NOT tell my kids.  I’m pretty sure they would totally believe this story, though.  I just don’t want them to know.  But, it’s too good to keep a complete secret.  So, lucky for me, I like to document these amusing events.  I like to laugh at myself.  And lucky for you, I like to share my humiliation for your reading pleasure, if you choose.   It’s funny. And embarrassing.  And really funny.  Picture this…

I was working on making a homemade spinach dip for my family Christmas Eve dinner.  Why did I ever think this was a good idea for a bunch of finicky eaters?!  I won’t digress on that point.  The recipe called for frozen spinach that was drained and moisture eliminated.  So, I thawed it.  I drained it.  I blotted it with multiple paper towels and a kitchen towel.  Still moist. I did not want runny spinach dip for crackers and vegetables.  Ah ha!  Here’s where my creative thinking comes in.  Always thinking I am!   And always glad to share my creative ideas.

Me:  Scott, honey, would you take this spinach in the bathroom and blow it dry with my hair dryer?  Good idea, eh?  It could lead to the next “As Seen On TV” cooking tool invention.  

Scott:  Sweetie, the spinach is starting to fly all over the bathroom counter, sink, and mirror as it dries.  This is not working very well.  I think we should put it on a cookie sheet in the oven to dry it out.  I’ve wiped up the spinach in the bathroom and here’s what’s left.

Me:  Okay, I like how you think.  Slightly boring; but probably more effective.

Me again later:  Your spinach drying method was better. I thought you said you wiped up the spinach.

Scott:  I did!

Me again every day since:  Good Lord.  This is turning out to be as bad as a dry Christmas tree that dropped needles you continue to find a year or more later.  Tiny pieces of spinach keep showing up. 

Please feel free to add your own “funny fail” in the comment section of this story below.  I’d like to laugh with you…


  1. Sounds like an episode of “I Love Lucy!” It WAS a good idea!!

    • That’s a perfect analogy Susie and funny, too. We could probably start a new series with escapades like this.


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