COVID-19 Christmas 2020 Message to My Family

by | Dec 25, 2020 | Stories

What a different experience from previous years, one we’ll not forget!  It was unique and delightful in its own way.  I came home with a BIG smile.  Scott and I appreciated that everyone enjoyed the Xmas Lights at Valley Fair and our gift exchange afterward where we masked and distanced in the cold parking lot.  Everyone’s gifts were appreciated by all.  Thank you for being such good sports and helping to keep us all safe from the pesky Covid-19 Virus.
My prayers for 2021 are: 

  • The virus will resolve.
  • You will all continue to be safe from the virus.  Don’t drop your guard.  Stay well and healthy.
  • Along with good health, I wish you happiness as we continue to thrive in such an unusual environment
  • Hoping you’ll indulge me/us, and each other, with hugs as soon as we can do so safely.


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