Day 2 & Now Day 3-Humor on the Way to Deliver Our RV to its’ New Owners

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I swear there are gremlins in my computer.  Yesterday I wrote one of my “travel stories” for your reading pleasure.  You all know it’s entirely for my own pleasure.  Keeps me busy as we drive.  I hadn’t noticed that my battery was low and poof, it went dark…..followed by some not so nice words.  When I plugged it in, only about 1/3 of it was saved in my draft folder and the rest had disappeared.  This morning’s craziness when I turned it on, Outlook was missing from my tool bar and then magically reappeared before I could say “abracadabra.”  This is not a usual or normal occurrence.  I think there is only one person I am sending this to that might understand my attempt at humor when I say I think “they” are monkeying with my computer.

So here goes my 2nd attempt to describe some of our travel experiences.  Keep your fingers crossed, “they” don’t mess with my computer again.

Day 2 Entry:

We made it to Tipton, GA last night which was approximately 3 hours more than originally planned; better to help out a long driving day today.  We are “under the gun” to deliver our motorhome to its’ new owners by Sunday sometime.  At least that’s the commitment Scott made.  There’s another story here for another time about how I should be recovering from my kidney stone rather than traveling.

Last evening we were about 10 minutes from the I75 Campground when my nose hairs started tingling, eyes and nose running like faucets, crazy itchy eyes, and immediate between the eyes pressure headache.  Hmmmm.  I started smelling a dirt scent.  When we got to the campground 7 miles away, the dust was literally hanging in the air.  So that’s it……my dust allergy is as significant as my shell fish allergy in terms of its number being extremely high on (off) the chart.  I didn’t get out of the motorhome last night or this morning except to do our safety brake and lights check that we always do when towing a car.  How is it that adult onset (I won’t say elderly) allergies like this can make you almost feel like you have the flu?  This is a relatively new phenomenon for me and not one that I take pleasure in.

Back to the fresh water pump fluke from yesterday.   I called the Winnebago manufacturing plant in Forest City, IA while we were going down the road.  They only told us what we already knew and had done  the obvious, simple things to check except for one thing.  They suggested the problem might be the Sureflow Fresh Water Pump and to take a voltage meter to check the wires going into it.  If the voltage was good, it would be a strong hint that the pump had failed which I thought was odd….just one of those gut feelings that the pump was not the problem.  Of course, we’ve never carried a voltage meter.  Everything else “including the kitchen sink;” but not a voltage meter.

A reluctant stop at Fort Meyer’s Camping World was not helpful.  A guy sitting behind the service/parts desk with his feet up was not interested in helping and told Scott he could not get it in to be diagnosed/fixed until next Wednesday.  That will never do because remember we must arrive in Indiana on Sunday.  We’re “under the gun” to get the motorhome delivered; but we are determined to deliver it safely and with complete functionality.  This motorhome has been very good to us in terms of the lack of repairs it has required.

Onward we go towards Tampa.  Should we pick up a new pump at the Tampa Camping World or Nashville?  As it turns out, they both have 2 in stock for $116.99+.   Let’s get it at Tampa and be done with it.  Oh no! Scott’s IPhone showed the Tampa store was gone.  Vamoose.  Vanished off the face of his maps.   Somehow my Irish Intuition told me it was still there.  Hooray! There it is!  My Motorola Android found it just fine.  Don’t worry, I’m not picking on Scott’s IPhone.  Okay, yes I am.  We have a running friendly joke about this and I actually think I win more times than lose….which is rare with Smarty Scotty.

We went to the Parts Desk in the back of the Tampa Camping World Store.  Todd, the not so helpful parts guy was not interested in talking to us about trying a voltage meter to make sure the pump was the part we needed.  It was his job and intention to sell us the pump and discourage us from talking to the Service Department where they would charge us $149.00 for any diagnostic conversation.  Scary indeed.  Ha!  While Scott was busy with Todd, I strolled over to the kindly looking Service Desk Gentleman staring at his computer screen.

Me in my best Floridian Southern Drawl (which is really not good at all):  Excuse me.  Do you think you could help me with a “fluke” of a problem?  The green light on the panel inside my motorhome is on; but water will not come out of the faucets or toilet.  What do you suppose the problem could be?  Do you have a voltage meter I could borrow for 5 minutes to test the wiring going into the pump.  Someone said if the voltage is good, then the pump must have failed; but I’d like to know for sure.

Kindly Looking Floridian Service Desk Gentleman:  Well beautiful lady, let me see if there’s someone in the back that could help.  Okay I made the “beautiful lady” part up; but it’s my story and my ego likes the embellishment.  I actually cringed and crossed my fingers there would be someone to talk to or lend us the voltage meter for free.  Not sure we know how to operate the voltage meter; but I’d cross that bridge when I needed to.  He disappeared into the bowels of the Service Department for several minutes and returned saying a technician would be coming.

 Be patient, Sweetie, he’s coming as we exchanged small talk.  Scott disappeared somewhere since I was “handling” this part of our dilemma.

Technician in Tampa Camping World Grey Work Shirt with Voltage Meter in Hand:  Hello Ma’am.  I’ve got a  voltage meter and just had it calibrated.  Calibrated about a month ago he said as we walked out to the motorhome.  What?  It wouldn’t turn on.  No voltage to the voltage meter??  Yikes.  Now what?  Jiggle it.  Jiggle it.  There.  See the numbers.  It’s calibrated and the there’s juice in those wires.  Let me check here.  Let me check there.  See/Listen.  Pumps making noises.  My family is all military.  If it sounds like this….If it sounds like that…..My nephew has a fancy hand gun.  Technology isn’t always a good thing.  A simple two clicks and that’s all you need.  I worked for Lazy Days for 18 years….hired by the original owners.  It’s not the pump.  Hear that?  I was teaching folks like you to become Master Technicians like me.  Then this Camping World heard about me.  Hired me to help improve things here.  All the computers in RV’s these days aren’t good.  If something goes wrong with the computer, you’ve got problems with the RV.  It’s this loose connection.  It’s not the pump.

Get the drift?  Pretty sure he had a little ADD; but hey, don’t we all?  Scott and I exchanged looks several times and knew it was a “God Wink.”  We were sent this technically superior fluky technician to fix our fluky problem.  His skills were not in question.  He invited Scott back into the store for a handful of wires, connectors, and other small parts.  I would normally call or write this guy’s boss to thank him for his superior service.  In this case, I don’t think I dare do that for fear he might get fired.  His work, advice, and parts were provided free of charge.  Like we say, a true “God Wink.”  Kudos and blessings to him.

Day 3:

Last night we stayed at the Nashville KOA because the Two Rivers Campground next door was full.  Decided to try the interesting looking “Cock of the Walk”  (Yes…that’s the real name) restaurant across the parking lot.  All I will say is, “DON”T EVER, EVER EAT THERE!!!!”  Scott felt that every item of our meal was consistently BAD!  I agree.

We are within a couple hours of delivering the motorhome to its new Indiana home.  It’s bittersweet.  We’ll miss it and we won’t.  I’ve been RVing for approx. 25 years and Scott for about 5.  We hope our Florida cottage (I refer to it as “4108” until it identifies itself with a different name to us) will provide a new and different joy.


  1. That was a HOOT!!!

  2. Yes, Bonnie, it was a “hoot” and a really funny memory. Thanks for your comment because it caused me to re-read the story. That’s what life is about ….memories! Tis is a reminder about why I write my stories.



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