Fall Naples Trip – Part 4

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The Resort Park where we stay at Naples is quiet, attractive, beautifully landscaped  and has lots of fun activities.  This time of year things are starting to stir a bit as the owners and renters return for the upcoming snowbird season.  We left our Naples Resort a couple days ago.  We’ll return there after the Holidays.  It’s been extremely hot.  A “nice” day was in the 80’s rather than the 90-100 degrees.  The pool is where the action is right now and I don’t want to miss any of the action, right?

One last trip to the main pool before we left.  Awe, there’s a grand total of 2-3 other people there.  It’s like having your own private pool without having the expense and work…..Nice!  And my favorite, of course, are the two Jacuzzi’s.  There is another pool and Jacuzzi on the other side of the Park; but the larger one is a very short walk from our site, which is what we like….very convenient and connected to the large Club House.

Now here’s where I continue my story and protect the identifies of my characters privacy.  Actually, if I asked their permission, they’d probably want to be included in my story since they are such colorful characters.   I entered the pool and started talking to I’ll call him Charlie.  Charlie has a medical condition; but who doesn’t right?  The activity level is so high there that it’s hardly noticed.  He has been married to the same woman for 45++ years, has a half a dozen successful children and many more grandchildren.  I learned that he has a creative wife and I’ll definitely want to get to know her when we return.

Charlie was the guy who replied to his buddy (I’ll call him Dick) “You’re not talking too good” when Dick told him “You’re not walking so good.”  Gotta LOVE the humor!  When Dick arrived, I mischievously (of course I did) suggested to Charlie that we tell Dick we’ve been talking about him.  Charlie who is a bit of a tease  agreed.  And so we did.

Dick replied, “Who cares?!  I can’t see you so I don’t care.  I’ll just talk about you, too, as if you weren’t right here” he said wryly.  Didn’t I tell you they starred in the movie “Fargo.”   Their retorts go on and on.  It’s a riot.

Dick asked Charlie if he were going for Pizza for dinner.  Charlie said, “No, are you?”  “Yes, Dick replied.  I don’t like it; but if I don’t; I don’t get fed.”   I wished I could remember more of their exchanges that afternoon.  They are long-time friends and never a shortage of humor.

That’s what I get for delaying my story writing.

Last night we stayed in Birmingham, AL.  Most of the places we stay (often the Choice Hotel chain) do not have restaurants on site; but Clarion in Birmingham did.  We were tired and glad.; but Lord have Mercy!  It was the worst BLT and cheese nachos we’ve ever had.  The people watching and listening while I DID enjoy a glass of wine was funny though.

There was an electronic/digital jute box on the wall playing louder than loud.  There was a cowboy looking guy in his 20’s or 30’s—hard to tell these days; but he did have a cowboy hat, boots, and was playing pool just like in the old movies.  He fed the jute box some cash and took his time picking out some more “boot scooting” music.  He told the female bar tender that he couldn’t sing.  She shouted to him in the sweetest southern twangy drawl,  “All those good looks and no voice.  What a shame!”  It cracked Scott up.  We laughed and laughed.  The cowboy laughed.  And the bar tender laughed at herself!  Then with his thumb tucked in his belt (you know the look), did a few line dance steps and went back to playing pool.  I kid you not.  I was tempted to get up and kick up my heels, too; but I refrained.

Today we visited the Elvis Graceland property in Memphis, TN.  Something you have to do just so you know what people are talking about.  I was never a big Elvis fan although I do sincerely appreciate his talent.  He was before my time and I enjoy saying that.  Ha Ha.    Tomorrow we’re looking for good music, good barbeque food, and more funny stories on Beale Street before “heading for the barn” in Minnesota.

Stay tuned if you care to.  .

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  1. Added 8/15/23 by Scott Lee: Around the same time as Sylvia’s encounter with Carl & Richard, I attended Tuesday night poker in the Admin building and had the good fortune to sit between Carl & Richard. I don’t remember if I won or lost but I was thoroughly entertained by the good natured jabs between the two of them at each other. They were the poster boys for what best friends are. Good people leave foot prints like this to make our lives better. Thanks guys.


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