Funny Garage Fridge Escapade

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Stories

I wanted a new garage fridge.  A used one would do and I found one without water or ice in the door which allowed more storage space. 

Someone should have taken pictures.  Scott and 2 little Chinese ladies moving the big hunker out of their house, down the front steps, out to the street, and up on our utility trailer.  The smallest Chinese woman is an engineer by profession and was telling Scott how to arrange the straps to hold it most secure in our utility trailer.  The slightly older (maybe age 40—hard to know) Chinese lady was a little bit taller than the engineer and very strong.  Heave ho, let’s go is what I said.  The bossy older Chinese lady said much more gibberish in a very fast speaking style.  We couldn’t understand anything she was saying; but she meant every valuable word of it and it made us giggle.

NOW….to get it into our garage.  Hopefully our neighbor can help because I’m next to no help when it comes to strength.  Lesson to my daughters:  Do not let your muscles dwindle. 

The Rest of this Story:  We learned that Friday is our neighbor Mike’s (I call him Mikey) golf day.  So, no, Mikey wasn’t available to help unload the fridge into our garage.  And guess who was the substitute helper.  Yup–ME.  I summoned those little muscles of mine back into action and we got that job done!   The big muscles (that be Scott) even held the fridge tilted back on him in the air on the appliance dolly while I thoroughly cleaned the coils with my dusters and vacuum. 

Even buying and transporting a used garage fridge can be fun and funny.


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