GASP! It’s Always Something! Chapter 2

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“It’s always something!”  

That’s right.  Say it again, except this time with a big Gasp.  “It’s always something!  GASP! 

Montana Trip Chapter #2:

I am happy to report that our RV slide behaved appropriately, and we were able to continue our trip.   No slide issues.  What a relief!

Today would certainly be an improvement over yesterday, right?  In fact, I did not think I would write another “It’s Always Something Chapter.”  Too much of a good thing, right?  However, I’m finding writing is necessary for my sanity (A lost cause, right?).  Writing is a hobby.  Writing amuses me.  Writing DISTRACTS me…you’ll soon see why.

We are taking this trip to my certifiably (per Lester Holt on NBC News) “In the Middle of Nowhere” hometown, Glasgow, Montana in three shorter days rather than our usual 2 longer days.  As it turns out, that was a perfect plan based on yesterday’s experience.  This morning we even allowed ourselves to sleep in a bit. Relax.  Not a need for an early start. Lovely.

Chapter 2 – It’s Always Something GASP #1:

What could be worse or compete with yesterday’s struggles?  The weather.  The freakin weather.  The flippin wind.  Oh my gosh!  I’m talking take your breath away wind!  I kid you not, audible gasps, grab, and cling to the door handle gusts of wind.

Let me try to describe.  The terrain is completely flat by Dickinson, North Dakota, so there’s no trees to break the wind.  Scott is literally arm wrestling the steering wheel as the wind tries to push us in the ditch. Yes, heading for the ditch….repeatedly.  Can you imagine such almost indescribable wind and then with semi-trucks passing us? 

Our RV is equipped with a special something or another that is a wind guard of some sort.  I guess it’s keeping us on the road as it gives us a huge jerk back to the left when the wind tosses us to the right towards the ditch. Scott continues to decline our speed, much slower than legal highway speed.  I am prepared to pull off and sit on the shoulder.  How long can we do that when these wind speeds are predicted to continue overnight? 

For a short day, it seems like it took us SO long to arrive at today’s campground.  We’re parked and are being tossed around like a boat on a rough ocean.  We don’t dare put down our stabilizing jacks or put our slide out yet.  The door nearly came off its hinges when Scott got out.  He just listened to a local radio station and found out that there are sustained winds of 40-60 mph and gusting fiercely from 60-70. That’s some serious blustery wind. 

We decided to change campsites to one that is facing the opposite direction and between two other campers hoping they will serve as wind break.  Of course, our plan could backfire, and we could get smashed to smithereens if the wind decides to topple one into or over on us. We did put the jacks down thinking they would provide some stability. 

Scott is having a contemplative power nap, hoping the wind subsides a little.  It’s supposed to stick around until tomorrow afternoon before it calms down more.  We haven’t put the slide out fearing what the wind might do with it—God forbid!  We might be sleeping on the dining table and couch tonight.  We “can” do that, just not as comfortably as our normal Queen size bed.

 Chapter 2- It’s Always Something Gasp #2: 

We did it!  And it wasn’t pretty!  Scott slept on the dining table made down into a bed (intended for kids I’m sure) with makeshift bedding.  He laid at a slant lengthwise to compensate for the shortened space.  I slept on the narrow couch with no sheet and covered up with a blanket knit by my (Thank You!) Cousin Barb B.K.  How many guesses/gasps about whether we slept well or not?

Looks like tomorrow could be another iffy/gaspy day.  Scott says we will be heading directly into the wind for a couple hours before our direction changes and wind force improves.  I can’t even think what this is doing to our gas milage.  I remember a similar trip BS (Before Scott) where our gas milage dropped to 2 mpg. 

Me?  I’m writing.  I’m writing to distract myself from the now exhausting woes and worries of the wind.


  1. We are glad you took precautions about that big bed! You were flexible kids which is hard to be at our age.
    Wishing you smooth driving for the miles ahead!

    • Thanks Sandy! The wind was frightful. Sure was nice to sleep in our “big kids bed” after that though.

  2. You guys are more courageous than we are! Camping is just “not our thing!” Add in the wind, the table and couch sleeping arrangements, and the inability (or fear) to let out the side of the RV….ugh….nothing about that appeals to us. In fact, (no offense) I believe that “camping” is an afront to eh progress that mankind has made over the years (with housing) Ahhhahhhaaaa (JK)!!!!

    You both have our FULL admiration!!!

    • Thank you Trish for your honest sentiments. Ironically, I can’t say that I completely disagree. What I can say is that it’s all in the name of love…..if you know what I mean.

  3. You allowed yourself to sleep in? Take it easy. What’s he rush? That’s what an RV is for. Relax and take your time to see our beautiful country.

    • Thanks Don. You’re correct. It seems like there’s always a schedule or deadline for some sort of activity. We need more time to “take it easy.” Tomorrow, however, we’ll be up and off to meet a new relative and make a new story. No time to dilly dally. The clock is ticking on this one. LOL!

  4. I do admire your sense of adventure! Bill and I have not camped for many years but we were boaters for many years. We got caught in a sudden squall on our boat and that wind was very scary. We weren’t far from home but it was a very long afternoon!

    Hope the rest of your trip goes more smoothly and the wind is no longer a problem. Enjoy these days – you and Scott do travel a lot and that is great.

    • Hi Mary–I love to see your comments. I wait for them. Gives me a sense of connection with you. Our adventures continue, but in a much different way which I’ll share in a different story. I know you love the suspense, right?!

  5. A year ago, I was sharing how much I loved camping in an RV, and in tents, with a friend, who proceeded to tell stories like the one you shared with us. Although near death experiences may improve our appreciation for life, others have pointed out that RVs are meant to help us relax.
    Despite all the things that can go wrong, camping by streams, waking up in the middle of a flock of sheep in Wyoming, are unforgettable.
    If I were to buy a RV, I would find the most aerodynamic and hope for the best. Until now, I haven’t found anything quite as relaxing as canoeing in the Boundary Waters of MN. Your fun might be closer than you think.

    • Oh Tom–I treasure that you took the time to comment! Besides you always have such “sage” thoughts. Keep reading my “sylleeness” and keep sharing your wisdom and humor.

  6. I’m so glad the blanket brought you some comfort. Knitted with love just for you!!


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