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by | Feb 18, 2015 | Stories

Just a short heads up:

 I’m so excited!  I’ve developed a small pimple on my right temple.  Is this a sign I’ve discovered the secret to reversing the aging process?   A little more research needed.

I rescued my sweet husband from himself!  We were at the grocery store.  He was at the far end of an aisle looking for something we needed….or should I say I wanted.  Walking towards Mr. Lee (in-between him and I) was a young woman.  He was waving me down (at least I think) to look at the product he’d found.  Oh dear, as she continued to walk toward him, I wondered if she thought he was waving her towards him.  Syllee to the rescue.  I darted pass her and planted a peck on his cheek.  Yes, he’s taken and I love him dearly; but I do have to rescue him occasionally.  Thank you very much.

We are going on an adventure for my upcoming birthday.  Scott decided to feed my inner child’s desire for something different and special this year.  I’ve been a bit melancholy about the lack of birthday celebrations when I was a child.  I look forward to writing a new birthday story.  What do you think the odds are that we’ll have a funny experience?  He agreed to give me a hint each day about what/where it is.  So far I’ve guessed mostly what and where….told you I had incredible intuition.   I don’t know the full details yet though.  Stay tuned if you would like …………………………


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