Have You Seen the Nostalgically Modern Dayton’s Project?

by | May 20, 2022 | Reviews

Spring 2022 Update about the Minneapolis Dayton’s Project

Original Review Below Created December 21, 2021

Historically, we delay our Christmas preparations until after Thanksgiving and Mr. Lee’s birthday.  To kick things off, we’ve started the abbreviated home decorating process.  We’re slightly limited this year by Mr. Lee’s fractured shoulder after a fall off a ladder.  We won’t let that dampen our spirits though.  Today, we visited the “Dayton’s Project” in the old Dayton’s building.  We’ve been curious to see what all the hype is about. Thank you, Mich Berthiaume for your Facebook posts.   Here’s what we learned and documented for our “Review.”

  • The old Dayton’s building outside windows are decorated as you saw them during the holidays every year before the store closed.  Seeing the window displays also reminded me of the decorations seen on our annual trips to Dayton’s 8th Floor with various holiday story themes each year.  I captured a Grandpa with his delightful young granddaughter peaking and storytelling at one of the window displays.
  • There’s an interesting Native American room with artwork, craft, and retail displays.  I was attracted to the young gal who had a gizmo to make beaded/braided bracelets. Looks like something I’d like to do.
  • The second level space has hallways of large, framed poster type vintage type artwork.  It appears one could submit a favorite Dayton’s memory to have considered for display.  That’s a nice way to engage your audience.
  • Finally, the main floor space (same level as the Native American display space) is nicely arranged as a retail space for local vendors.  I wondered about their sales volume to afford what I assume is  expensive rental real estate.  I didn’t see an opportunity for www.sylleecreations.com/products. In the future, maybe some pop ups on a rotating basis could be considered for smaller temporary vendors to include other Minnesota made crafts.

Please add your commentary below if you’ve attended the “Dayton’s Project.”  Or do you have Dayton’s memories prior to the store’s 2017 closing.  Do you hope they continue to expand and bring back this seasonal spirit?

Let Syllee Creations know what you think.  You can also visit www.sylleecretions.com to see other regularly updated pages for Stories, Reviews, and Products.


  1. Love the Santa Bear Mountain

    • Melissa S.–Please see the last picture and text below the picture added to help explain the history, development, and current status of Dayton’s. I’m confident it will continue to grow and evolve. I would love to give my friend and visionary, Mich Berthiaume (bottom right side of picture) some input for future consideration.

  2. Love the beautiful photos and wonderful write up!

  3. One of Downtown Buffalo’s beloved and dearly lamented department stores is trying to do something similar with their old window displays. Generations of families made this a special trip like you describe. I love th idea, and hope to learn how the Dayton’s project works out.

  4. I love these old type displays. It makes me recall my childhood memories of joy when seeing window displays of past in downtown Buffalo.


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