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I’ve been derelict about writing my “amusing” stories.  Let me remind you, I define “amusing.”  My writing is mostly for my amusement and for a few others that seem to be easily amused, too.

My usual disclaimers apply.  Do not continue reading if you don’t appreciate my sense of humor or experiences.  It’s okay.  You don’t have to because I do.  That’s enough.

And so the story starts……..with some “blah, blah” background.  We’ve been at a lovely RV resort for the last 3 ½ months.  I’ve participated in some “senior” activities that I resisted last year and quite frankly thought I’d never participate in like playing bocce ball or shuffle board.  Those are for old folks.  Ha!  Little did I know.  This year I felt I needed to embrace it and have fun.

And so I did!  I even played in the tournaments.  Didn’t do so well, eliminated in the first rounds.  My poor partners (said with a hung head).  😉  Oh well, they’ll get over it and I’ve warned them I’m not discouraged.  Yea me.  smile

Scott chose not to play these games so much.  He had other activities going on (like Habitat volunteering, tennis, reading, practicing guitar, developing plans for our trip home, and trip to Europe in September.  We agreed we would do the Europe trip as our/his retirement reward to ourselves.  Yea us. J  Although, I have to admit, while I like it, I mentally still find a hard time with the “retirement” concept.  Workaholism is in my genetics….never learned to play very well; but working on it now.

I’ve been wanting to go fishing for the last couple years.  And so we did.  Scott surprised me with a wonderful (well almost) overnight fishing trip to Lake Okeechobee for my birthday and deep see fishing in the Gulf for our anniversary (found a great Groupon deal).  Those are interesting stories that I think I’ll write separately.

So today we’re on our circuitous way home.  Who wants to bet we’ll have more fun?!  Let’s start with yesterday.  We spent the better part of yesterday getting our Rolling Cottage (Est 2011) ready to roll.  Extra cleaning, extra laundry, packing, arranging, and re-arranging.  It was beastly hot and I do not find these particular tasks amusing.  We did amazing well helping each other until  late afternoon when “we” had a mishap with one of my favorite plastic bins.  What you might not know is that my plastic bins are sacred.  I love plastic bins and the ones with wheels are heavenly.  We were both “done.”  Off to Zookies we go for one last yummy thin crust pizza….ooops they forgot our extra cheese.  Good thing our waiter was generous with the Merlot.  Back to the Jacuzzi pool to chillax.

Good Morning Sunshine.  We didn’t get too early for reasons that are best for both of us.  Some people need their coffee in the morning.  I need my sleep and a leisurely wake up process.  Enough said.  It works.

After taking most of yesterday to prepare, you’d think we’d turn the key and drive away.  But still a couple more hours of readiness.  Some people think you unplug the electricity, wind up the cord, and hit the road.  Whoa!!!   Not so easy or fast Nellie.  We are both pretty efficient people, sometimes to a fault (clearing throat) and still it just takes time to get all the details taken care of.

Again, today was a very hot sweaty day for this kind of work.  Scott was on his 2nd clean shirt.  I was busy making sure things inside we battened down.  Drinking glasses, cups, plates, pans/lids must be wrapped and padded.  Nothing more annoying and sometimes alarming when you hear noises and rattling going down the road.  All drawers and doors must be totally latched for travel.  Nothing in any “room” can be left out that might slide off or break.  Everything has its special travel spot.

We have a “pull out” routine after all the other details are attended to which includes hooking up the car.  It is a process all to itself.  Tranny has to be disengaged and set just right, towing brakes set inside trailblazer, tow bar hook up…..Then I stand outside at the back of both vehicles to check the brake lights, turn signals, and make sure the tow bar gizmos pop up.  I use mostly the “thumbs up) method of communicating to Scott.

Both of my “STOP” hands go up in the air.  I’m walking quickly up Mr. Lee’s driver’s window.  Me: “Something is wrong with the Trailblazer.  “It’s not pulling correctly.  The back tires are skidding.  Is the emergency brake on?”

One of the steps in the hook up process went awry.  Okay.  And when that happens, it’s an almost complete start over.  Whew it worked on the 3rd attempt.  Stubborn car (wink, wink).  Me:  “Uh honey, could we check the lights again?” Lordy…..we still have to check the towing bar gizmos to make sure they pop up.  Yea, the left one popped immediately; but not the right one.  They’re both supposed to be popped up if we want to have a safe trip.

Cripes, despite our best efforts,  we hear something fall as we pull out on the road.  Wouldn’t you know it, my razor was not total secured in the shower.  Nothing serious.  We’ve gotten pretty good about finding the humor in our situation later.   Sometimes you just have to be there and part of the story.  Kayla knows from our Montana trip last summer.  We had a few good laughs.  Fun memories indeed.

We’re on the road with our favorite music.  Our destination is Jacksonville, Florida for tonight’s first stop.  My navigator duties are almost done for the day.  Scott’s driving and just asked me to dance.  Isn’t he the best?    He knows how to make me frown.  But he also really knows how to make me smile.  We did some quick swing dance steps on our patio in 90 degrees yesterday.  More to come on another day I’m sure.

Arriving at Pecan Road RV Resort by Jacksonville, FL.    And so the story goes on our first day of our long trip back home.


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