Here we go – Day 2

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Now this is funny.  I re-read my story from yesterday.  Some missing and misspelled or incorrect words.  Dang spell check doesn’t catch missing words.  And you all know how it can auto spell a different word than was intended.

Today’s disclaimer,  so to speak, is:  Ignore the missing or wrong words in all my writings.  You’re smart and get the drift.  Besides this is supposed to be creative writing.  Right?  Sorry Mom.  It’s okay, I write now for enjoyment not academic purposes.  😉

I’m not a great proofer of my own writing.  My fingers don’t always catch up with my racing mind even though I have flying fingers and excellent keyboarding.  My other excuse is my speed reading skills.  My career in Health Care required reading a ton of medical journals, the federal register, government and third party payer regulations daily.  My speed reading paid off for those purposes.  But I’m not always good at proofing my own writing.

Here we go again.  A leisurely wake up in Jacksonville, FL.  Our bed felt especially comfortable and cozy on this cloudy morning.  Too bad we weren’t here on the weekend (maybe better planning another time when the huge Farmer’s ETC. market across the street is open).  We guess that some of the campground guests might be Vendors at the Market.  The campground was nice, not Crystal Lake RV Resort nice; but still nice.  We were right in an airplane flight pattern which doesn’t happen often at campgrounds.  Interesting and not too bothersome.

Since our destination for the next couple days is a couple hours away to Charleston, S.C., we decided to take our time and stop for some sightseeing in Savannah, George.  We found easy access off the freeway to a Walmart Super Center to park the motorhome near some semi-trucks and drop the car.  We decided to find the Savannah Trolley Car tour.  Pretty easy.  Free parking and a good trolley car driver with lots of those comical and colorful southern drawl comments.

I forgot to mention that we’d dressed in  short sleeve shirts and shorts this morning.  Stepped out of the motorhome to a chilly 70 degrees with a breeze.  Back in we go to drag out the long sleeve shirts, long jeans, and medium weight jackets.  Talk about shell shock after 90 degrees which I tend to tolerate better.   And we weren’t being babies.  Everyone was talking about the chill.

Savannah is attractive and impressive in many ways.  The history, the buildings, the architecture, the gardens, gorgeous churches, lots of shops and restaurants. We saw a humongous container ship at the harbor area.   I would really like to go back and make it more of a vacation destination to experience more.   I’d have to reserve some warmer weather though.  LOL

It’s the end of the trolley tour after riding by all the stops and back to our car.  Will Amelia, my GPS, remember how to find our way back to the Walmart on the outskirts of town where we left the motorhome?  Here we go.  We found our way to Walmart and our Winnebago Adventurer Motorhome was not to be found.  A couple semi trucks; but no motorhome.  Great.  Did one of those semi-trucks hook it up and tow it away.  Guess we’re at the wrong Walmart.  Here we go again.  20 miles in another direction to rescue our RV.

Time to hook the car back up.  By now you probably know the routine.  Get the Trailblazer transmission and brake system set up.  Attach bars, clips, rings,  and gizmos  between car and motorhome.  Do the electrical lights and towing system safety checks.  Let’s get back on the road on our way to the Cross, S.C. KOA.  I’m the pretty woman sitting up high in the passenger seat  with her handsome chauffer.   It’s the only time I get to look down on the world a bit.

We’ll be in Charleston a couple days because the son of my deceased sister Ruth and his family live there.  I’m hoping to get to see David Jr (aka Bubba); but not sure about his crazy work schedule yet.  I will get to see his wife Kristen and his daughter Chelsey.  We actually altered our schedule by one day so I would be able to attend Chelsey’s baby shower on Saturday.  I consider myself sort of playing both a Granny Ruth and Auntie Sylvia role in this family.

It should be interesting.  They speak “Southern” and I struggle with that.  They talk very funny and I actually think it’s a hoot.  Kristin doesn’t stop talking and makes me laugh.  Scott has no intention of attending the baby shower to interpret for me.  What should I do?  Sit there, nod my head and throw in a few “honey’s, darlings, sweeties”?   Maybe I should pretend that I have a hearing aid (which I don’t) and it’s not working or I lost it or something like that.  Or I could make some “signing” motions so they think I’m deaf.  Honestly I can hardly understand them.  I’m horrible and open to suggestions…..I’ve got a day before the baby party.  What do you think?  I need a crash course in Southern Speak.

Feeling some emotions as we approach Cross, S.C. where my sister lived on a lake for many years.  She was the first of my sisters to see my first baby daughter, Bridgette.  It was hard for her not to mother me.  My older sisters still tend to do that.  RIP Ruth.

Would you believe we turned the heat on in the motorhome?  It’s 55 degrees and I do NOT do cool well.  My navigator duties are done for the day. Scott’s turned on more of our favorite music.   When we park SJL must want to dance….yes even in the motorhome.  And so the story goes on Day 2.


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