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Scott and I attended the Collier-Lee County Honor Flight Mission #23 at Fort Meyers Airport in Florida for the first time on April 29, 2023.  An Honor Flight mission is to transport Veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifice.  https://www.collierhonorflight.org/

We enjoyed the talents of the “pre-game” musicians.  There were bagpipes, drums, and a small group band while waiting for the delayed flight to arrive.  It gave us time to chat and “take it all in.”   Young people and elders were dressed in red, white, and blue.  There were individuals who had purchased dozens of roses to hand out individually to the honor flight participants as they returned.  Scott’s military veteran heart was appreciative to see the support, respect, and love. 

Thank you, Dick Waite from our Florida Snowbird Community in Naples Florida, a Collier-Lee County Honor Flight Volunteer who helped organize and communicate this activity.  He even handed out cookies at the conclusion of the event.  I’m including a few of the many pictures I took that evening. 

We salute all those who serve and help protect our liberties and our country in many capacities.  Thank you past, present, and future!

Here is a statement from a veteran who flew on Mission 23, April 29, 2023.  Collier-Lee Honor Flight:

“I would like to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all of the wonderful, selfless individuals and sponsors of the Honor Flights and in particular Mission 23. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Mission 23. In life and in the service, my belief is that the bad times outnumber the good times two to one, but the good times are always remembered. This was one of those good times and will always remain a cherished memory. Thank you all again and may future ‘Honor Flights’ continue to help vets find purpose in their time served.

Jim Kostka”


  1. A very nice article describing a super event.

    • It was wonderful to witness with you, Kathie, and Jim Rogers from Crystal Lake. It wasn’t hard to see why Dick Waite has been loyally involved for a long time.

  2. “Thank you for this very nice article. Dick”

    • My pleasure and thank you for finally getting us there for a “moving” experience. I hope my article stirs up additional interest. I understand your interest in supporting this activity. Kudos to you.
      Wishing you a great day.

  3. wonderful article . We should even do more for our veterans. they did so much for us. Thank you

    • Thank you Dennis and Mary Ann for your comment. Hope you are doing well, too.

  4. From Arlene: Yes I have. They are very moving.

  5. From Debbra: This was great to see thanks for sharing.

  6. The Honor Flights are a wonderful way to honor our Veterans. I have read about them for the past few years. So nice that you and Scott were able to attend this event. Thank you for the pictures and a. great article.

    Mary & Bill from Massachusetts

    • Thank you for your comment Mary. We will probably attend another Honor Flight event and I will be better prepared to know what to expect. It was beautiful to witness. I always appreciate hearing from you and have been wondering how you’re doing.


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