Humor. It’s a funny thing.

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Special Disclaimer for Mr. Scott J Lee:  I’ve already warned the hubby that he is subject to be a character in any of my stories.   He might want to be careful so he doesn’t inadvertently provide me too much material.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much.

As most of you know, especially if you’re Face Book Friends with me, this is my year to emphasize humor.  I’ve built an imaginary Humor Bank.  I make periodic deposits of things that make me laugh, giggle, chuckle, and grin big.  I accept other peoples contributions to increase my Humor Bank balance; but I’m the teller of my bank and get to judge what is funny enough.

So why haven’t I written more funny stories that I’ve grown to be known for?   It’s a funny thing…..I’m most inspired and the words flow from my fingers on my computer key board most when we’re traveling.  Scott drives and I write.  So……I’m going to try to try to improve my non-traveling writing skills.  Let’s see how that works out.   I might have some catch up to do; but here goes.  I’m going to start with last night.

It’s Saturday night and time to get this chick off the beautiful senior “campus” where we stay.  Don’t get me wrong, we love where we stay and we love the friendly people; but sometimes this sexy girl needs to dress up and impress her man.  So off we go on our Saturday night date for dinner.  Mr. Lee is looking good and smells awesome, too.   He compliments me on my prettiness and opens my car door.

As we approach our restaurant in fancy downtown, twinkly lights, tropical Naples I soak in the energy of the crowds.  It’s where the “cool” kids hang out.  It’s where the “pretty people” strut.

Our dinner was one to crave.  We had a great evening until…………….here’s where the giggles and laugh start.   It was time to pay.   I noticed Mr. Lee was wiggling and wiggling in his chair.  Then he stood up and was tugging at his pants.  What?  What?  What’s the matter?  “I can’t get my wallet out of my back pocket.”  He backed his butt up to me and asked me to try.  Try as I might I couldn’t get it out either.

He wondered if his you know what had gotten larger.  No, I don’t think so I said politely.  I think your wallet has gotten fatter.  Nice of me, huh.  I suggested he go to the men’s room, pull down his pants, and get his wallet out that way.  After pulling and tugging it finally came out.  His wallet looked the size of a small cantaloupe stuffed with all those special reward cards and health cards and grandchildren pictures and credit cards and…..etc.

Now you know me.  I tried very hard to keep my composure and keep from laughing.  Ha!  The smirky grin on my face grew larger and larger until it broke out into all sorts of giggles and laughs.  We laughed together which made for a successful evening.  Then he looked at the twinkle in my baby blue eyes, and said, “You’re going to write a story involving my wallet, aren’t you?”  Yup.  It was too funny not to share.  Enjoy!   Laugh along with us……I’m sure there will be more amusement along the way.


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