Hurricane IRMA Before & After Stairs

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Stories

Here are the before and after pictures of new stairs at soon to be rental property #4108. The comparison is self-evident. 

These stairs are the explanation for Scott’s wrist injury.  Things like this turn into more of a project than one anticipates; especially with inexperience and lack of all the best tools.  While it looks simple once completed, the railings were especially tricky.  I helped as much as I could (minimal) turning a few screws myself; but mostly lending two more hands when they were needed.  Scott worked diligently on them from sun up to sundown for days.  Rain showers were evil.  One evening as he was nearing completion and dusk was becoming our enemy, I even started the car and shined the headlights during a brief shower while we scurried to pick up tools and supplies.  Crazy working fools that we are.  Good thing Scott married a sturdy Irish Montana girl.  Okay, good thing that I married a hardy Norwegian Minnesota man. 

I packed up almost everything in preparation for the move to the new cottage while Scott worked on the stairs.  I also completed the yard clean up, grooming, and weeding….all of which grows so quickly in the heat and rainy season.  The house is ready to rent/sell.  I know several people who should buy it…..they just don’t know it yet.  😉  LOL!  Seriously though, keep your ears open for the perfect person/couple to buy it.  I never intended to add “Landord” to my resume. 

The trip home was uneventful.  However, when in Illinois post Paduca; I began feeling Dorothy and Toto in Kansas.  After having lovely travel weather (80’s) since we left Naples, we encountered very gray (American spelling), windy, rainy weather.  Our car temperature instantly dropped 15 degrees.  The vehicle ahead of us decided to turn on their flashers for visibility, I think.  Not only are we hard workers; but “ADVENTURE” seems to be our marital middle name.

Sigh………..we’re home in MN now trying to rest/recover and prepare for our next journey.  Flu shots tomorrow and awaiting word from doctor’s office about a possible steroid injection for Scott’s wrist. 


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