It’s Always Something – An Alfred Hitchcock Horror Movie Scene

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For the best effect, I recommend reading this story and seeing the pictures on your computer.  It was a dreadful event that ranks high on our “It’s Always Something” when you own an RV measurement scale.  A period of recovery and humility was required to courageously write this story.  Here goes….

 The Alfred Hitchcock “Birds film was partly inspired by the true events of a mass bird attack on the seaside town of Capitola in California on August 18, 1961, when “Capitola residents awoke to a scene that seemed straight out of a horror movie.”

We were on our way home from our Montana trip and made a planned stop in Medora, North Dakota to attend the famous and magical musical event again.  When we returned to our RV that evening, it was like stepping into the Hitchcock Birds film, except with moths.  It was dark and when I stepped up into the motorhome, turning on the light, we were greeted by what seemed like hundreds of moths.  It’s hard to describe the scene; but there was lots of ducking and appropriate screeching.  I think our arms looked like windmills as they were flailing around to dodge these beasts. 

The whole scene was unimaginable.  Scott made his way to the rear of our RV to find the fly swatter in the closet. He dawned his superpower cape and became my hero. He began to smack, smack, smack-smack, smack-smack, smackety smack those creepy flying objects.  There were so many, and it seemed impossible.  How did this happen and what were we going to do?

I don’t know if you’re familiar with moths, but when you “smack” them, they leave a black mark on the wall or ceiling, so I dug out the Lysol Wipes to help clean the scene.  Smack, wipe.  Smack, smack, wipe, wipe.  It was horrifying and how could we get rid of them so we could go to bed?!

I quickly became an internet expert on moths, learning that we probably picked them up during our stay in Glasgow, MT. where we observed a few.  I learned how/where they live, how many thousands of eggs they lay, how quickly the eggs hatch, and a variety of tips on how to get rid of them.  However, other than our fly swatter, we didn’t immediately have the tools, products or ingredients needed to eliminate the pesky creatures that evening.  So, the smacking and cleaning continued.  And then even more dodging, groaning, smacking, and cleaning. 

Finally, when we THOUGHT we had the moth situation under control, we crawled in bed.  Our discomfort was tremendous.  I stared at the ceiling for hours unable to sleep for fear the moths would re-visit.  To a lesser degree they did, when we used our bathroom in the middle of the night.  How would Scott be able to continue driving after only two hours of sleep and when I wasn’t rested to help drive? 

Picture this terrifying experience, too…..when Scott was showering the next morning, one appeared from Nowhere and landed on his chest!  Retrospectively, it’s dang funny, but at the time, it was not amusing.  I was dreading the thought of having a similar experience!

We drove about 30 minutes the next morning to a Walmart to buy some “anti-moth” remedies.  I wanted them ALL and didn’t want to take any chances.  The thought of having another episode the next evening was unbearable.  Scott gladly napped and delayed our morning take off while I mixed and applied all the moth deterrent concoctions.

Mission accomplished.  Those suckers are gone.  We made it home, EVERYTHING came out of the motorhome, and we cleaned every inch of RV inside and out.  I’m a bit of clean freak anyway.  We’ve made several trips to check on the RV in storage and the coast is clear.  It is marvelously moth free, and I can now bring myself to write about this disturbing incident.  Got Moths?  Call Syllee Creations.  Did I say, “It’s always something?”  Who knew?!


  1. Clearly, the MOTHer of All Invasions!

  2. Another one of your adventures!! Your stories are always so interesting. Glad you and Scott were able to handle the moths. How very upsetting!

    • Mary–Doesn’t it make you laugh at us? It was disturbing to say the least; but now we laugh! I am blessed with the ability to find humor in the ordinary.

  3. E-gads! Glad you can laugh about it now, and find humor in your story. Are you a magnet for “always something”. Lol.

    • It seems so. I warned Scott about the woes of RV ownership.

  4. From Phillis P: I do not like scary movies sweet love stories, dog or horse stories, or Downton Abbey are my interests we have enough scary things going on for me to search for scary movies. The word of God is the source for happiness, peace, and the sustainable strength from our heavenly Father. However you do have a gift for the challenges of life. Have a super day as I gaze across the pasture and see the black angus eating the grass, the lovely blue sky of Ks, and the boiling heat of the Ks sun. Nice to keep in touch with you however you are a treasure of wit, wisdom, and wonderful smiles

    • I don’t like scary movies/stories either!! In fact, I’ve never seen any that are on the list. Our experience with the moths was like a “made for movie” scary experience though. I amuse myself and enjoy trying to inject some humor whenever possible. Just when I think I don’t have anything to write about, another opportunity presents itself in everyday life

      Have a blessed day!

  5. From Mary T: Keep sending your stories. It is always good to be able to laugh at things we can’t control! You are so right about being able to see the humor in the unexpected.

  6. OK, THAT IS MY BIGGEST NIGHTMARE!! I would have abandoned the whole RV and walked away. I can picture you cleaning. 🙂

    • Debbie: I agree it was pretty horrible; but the logistics etc. were such that we needed to figure it out. It was about 9:00 p.m. when we returned to the motorhome that evening and not sure where we could have found accommodations. Besides we had to deal with it at some point; but certainly not my favorite experience. Only funny retrospectively! Really funny actually. Maybe I’m blessed with the ability to find the humor in our adventures.


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