It’s Always Something

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Stories

That’s right.  Say it again.  “It’s always something!”

That’s the mantra I suggested Scott learn, memorize, adopt, and manage when we considered the purchase of our first motorhome in 2011. Why, oh why, did I introduce him to something he would love?  Seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  Some years later, a couple motorhomes later, and a few years hiatus from RV’ing before purchasing our latest rolling cottage (Scott named our “Covid Bubble,”) things have not changed.  “It’s always something!”  Accept it.  Do Not Blink.  Continue or Give it Up.  And so, it goes……

6/14/22 Montana Trip Chapter 1:

We were scheduled to launch on another trip to my beautiful home state Montana today.  Scott brought the motorhome to our house from storage yesterday.  We are not allowed to store our motorhome at our house due to HOA regulations.  It’s not the most convenient arrangement for traveling preparation, but we are grateful for our own sleeping provisions and other conveniences it provides, so we tolerate the inconveniences of the storage arrangement.

“It’s always something #1:” We were getting very close to leaving this morning.  Scott confirmed with me that I was done loading the fridge and it was okay to retract the slide back in preparation of “take off.”  The slide could not be coaxed or convinced it was time to come back in even after multiple, multiple attempts and tugging and pulling.  Nope!  It was not going to cooperate.   Now what?  In case you wondered, the RV CANNOT be driven with the slide out.  Now what?  More attempts, more tugging, and pulling.

“It’s always something #2:”  There is an “override” button located on a control panel that if operated correctly will allow the slide to exit and retract properly in an emergency.  First find and push the magic button quickly 7 times and wait for the flashing light.  The problem is that it’s located near the floor awkwardly positioned by the fuse panel and behind an opening that is about 12 inches square (if that).  The button is inside a gizmo (about 6” wide x 4” high on the side of the 12” opening with another ¾” wide by ½” high hole where the magic button is hiding.  It takes a small contortionist to get into the 12-inch opening to see the other gizmo with the smaller hole containing the button.  First Scott tried.  Then I tried.  Impossible.  A few more tugs and a few calls to the dealer who supposedly fixed this problem in May for $500.00.

Again, now what?  Scott successfully dismounted the gizmo from the side of the 12” x 12” hole and gently wrangled the wiring so he could look straight inside to see the magic button. He used a pen tip to strategically push the magic override button quickly 7 times until the light flashed.  Flashing light?  Yup.  Okay slide, here we go.  Nope!  Do it again. Take a deep breath, hold it, and press the button with ultimate, deliberate, purposeful intent.  Yes!  Yes!  It worked and the slide is in.

Another, now what?  Enough to make you tired, right?  Do we dare go on our adventurous trip banking on the “override” function?”  The dealer did not recommend it and said he couldn’t get it into the shop to reassess the problem for 4-6 weeks.  They’re busier than……My daughter Heather suggested driving it with a “Wide Load” sign on it.  Wink.  Wink.  Desperate situations call for desperate solutions.  I don’t think I can talk Scott into that one.  Scott and I debated about driving the entire trip with the slide in which would dramatically affect our sleeping arrangements. We “could” do it….just not as comfortably.

After some strong persuasion, the service manager “JP” agreed to have one of his staff look at our RV in their parking lot.  We did not have a lot of positive thoughts about the outcome but had to give it a shot, and off we went.  Our thinking was correct, it could be this or it could be that.  Who knows unless they really take it all apart and dig into it which wasn’t going to happen today or any time soon.

Scott and I both took a crack at some seriously persuasive conversation and were able to convince “JP” to diagnose and hopefully fix it today.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  TODAY.  So, after one new cable of some sort (behind the bathroom vanity—go figure!), and an additional $600.00, we’re off and running.

It’s been a long day, we finally got “Out of Dodge” about 4:00 p.m. and we will make it to our first camping reservation in Fargo, N.D. this evening.  We arrived without further ado.  The slide is out.  Let’s hope it comes back in tomorrow morning. I’m done tonight with the “Now What’s?”  Let’s hope that Chapter 2 of this adventure is without further “It’s always somethings.”


  1. Oh my! All tuckered out before you even start! hotel rooms dont sound so bad right now!

    • I know, right?! I’ve been debating which I love or hate more for traveling by car or RV. Definitely pros and cons to both. Thanks for replying!

  2. Ouch 🤕! So glad you got it fixed. Fingers crossed that the rest of your trip does not encounter any more “there’s always something’s”. Once is enough🥹. Have Fun!

    • Thanks for the comment Sandi. I was hoping so, too; but Chapter 2 is developing.

  3. Got my fingers on both hands crossed. Keep me posted..

    • Thanks Sis! You’ll be hearing more.

  4. Reading these will be fun!

    • Thank you Debbie. Enjoy. I appreciate you.

  5. 7/31/22:
    From Peggy G: Hi Sylvia,
    Great writing. Mr. Lucke would be proud.

    I understand how frustrating your “always something” can be. We, too, are RVers
    and it seems like they always put you to the test.

    Good hearing from you.
    Peggy G.

    Reply from Sylvia:
    I take your first comment as a real compliment coming from “Smarty Pants” Peggy A.! Thank you very much. Writing to me comes naturally and is a bit of an outlet for me.

    Didn’t know you were RVers. Glad you could understand our “It’s Always Something.” You’ll have to tell me more about your RVing adventures.


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