Kindness Counts

by | May 10, 2023 | Stories

The touching article below was shared (thank you Dick W) in the community where Scott and I spent our 2022-2023 winter season.  Like other things I post, it might not interest all; but I want to save it and share it. The author, Mark Gintert (a resident in our Florida community), and the Florida Sportsman gave enthusiastic permissions to publish on Syllee Creations Stories Website.  I don’t know if I can prioritize my reasons for sharing because they’re all important to me. I think my explanations below will be understood.

  • I enjoy writing and this fits into the category, in my opinion, of a well written story.  Thank you Mark for honoring your dad with this wonderful experience.
  • I appreciate Mark’s love and respect for his dad and hope to pass along these thoughts and examples to my family.
  • This story reminds me of the love I see exemplified in the life and marriage of Scott’s niece, Dianne, and her husband Duane.
  • My eldest sister Danise and her husband Frank are currently making major life changes with the assistance of their 9 children. Their lifestyle changes moving from the family home they lived in for 54 years is not easy for any member of the family; but they are still honoring each other with all sorts of cooperation, hard work, cohesiveness, love, and respect.  My sister (age 85), my brother-in-law (age 95) and all 9 children are all strong, gentle, giant personalities.  It’s amazing!  Maybe I can inspire them to write their own stories.  I drew on this Seattle sisters’ family’s humor, wit, care, and concern when I had a serious health scare in 2010.  When I visited them specifically for their support, they each fulfilled my request for a joke as we gave our goodbye hugs and I still remember Sheila’s clown joke. This is what family is about.
  • I love fishing!
  • If you can be anything in this world, be kind.  Kindness Counts and as my friend Lisa M. would say, “Kindness Travels.”

If you’re like me, you might want to have a tissue handy when you read the following article.


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. An excellent summary of what life is all about, and the importance of shared family values.

  2. A beautiful story!

  3. Sylvia, you never cease to amaze me, your energy, your positivity, your ability to do anything, your love of family , your warm touching stories, your compassion for others, your kindness…..thank you for sharing with me!

    Marilyn ❤️

  4. Thanks Sylvia for sharing this wonderful tribute between father and son. Blessings
    Linda S

  5. Thank you so much for re-printing this story Sylvia. I was thrilled to death when the Florida Sportsman Magazine originally printed the article and your posting allows viewers who may not have access the chance to share. My dad was not only my dad but my hunting and fishing buddy! We went on a hundred fishing and hunting trips together but none were more memorable than this one. Hopefully your readers can relate to a similar story in their own lives. Thanks again!

    • Mark-My privilege and pleasure!

  6. Sylvia, Thank you for such a wonderful story about a father and son. Such great memories your friend has to look back on with his Dad. As we all know our families are so important to us. The time we are able to spend with them creates memories that will stay with us forever.

    Continue with your writing as it is so enjoyable to get your emails!

    Mary T.


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