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After an accumulation of practices, this happened on 3/24/24.  The Crystal Lake Resort Group Therapy Band was able to perform a season ending concert under the Tikki Hut at the Main Club House. 

Writing this story is also my attempt to post something in a timelier manner.  I have other stories started and others circling in my head; but this one is begging for my attention to share a little background and pictures.

Scott has always had another love in his life.  You guessed it….”Music” is her name.  I don’t try to compete because I’m a music lover, too, and support his “happy place.”  He played clarinet in high school band, added marching band drumming and orchestra.  After a tour in the Air Force, he played his way through college drumming every Friday and Saturday night with various musicians and groups.

He has always dabbled on his drums throughout our marriage.  One winter he loaned his drum set to granddaughter Holly to encourage her drumming interest.  A few years ago, he decided he’d like to play guitar…..and so he did.  Something was really re-ignited though, when he was invited to drum in our southern community church band and then asked to sub on drums for the community band called “Group Therapy.”  He was elated and decided he should pick up bass guitar skills, too…..and so he did.  He has a northern guitar and southern guitar.  He has a northern bass guitar and southern bass guitar.  He has northern drums and southern drums.  A guitar and his music IPad travel with us in our RV.

This winter presented him with some unusual what I call “health hiccups” which tried to de-rail his music.  He was still determined though despite missing a few practices and being limited on lifting weights to set up the drums, and other complications.  Roger was a trooper to assist Scott so he could play when he could.  Everyone in the “Group Therapy” band seemed flexible and understanding.  They all know how therapeutic music is.  Thank you, Group Therapy, for supporting Scott this winter.  He looks forward to Season 2025 with you all. 

Enjoy the March 24, 2024 season ending concert pictures.

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