More Catch-Up on “As the Stories Go” Washington D.C. Day One (Monday 4/20/15)

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Reminder:  I write for my own documentation and entertainment.  If my readers enjoy, that’s a bonus.  Thanks for some of your words of encouragement.

Where do the days go?  We’re singing Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again.”  And so the stories begin again as my fingers tickle the keys on my Asus notebook.  I’m starting to think about what I want to use for phone, camera, and maybe some sort of tablet for future travels.  I can’t believe I’m also thinking we should consider one of those extension stick things for taking selfies….something Scott and I have not mastered.  We’re seeing a lot of them in use.  It must, however, come with instructions or auto focus on how to take the best angles for hairstyle and other facial/body size minimization…….wouldn’t that be genius?

I’m happy to report my  Florida pollen allergies have disappeared.  No more Zyrtec.  Unhappy to report, however, that the temperatures have dropped dramatically and we’ve got some bad gusts of side winds on our way to Ithaca, N.Y. today.  Semi trucks are out in full force swinging and swaying from those forceful winds.  No thank you, I do not care for this dance.

You know what that means.  I quickly get inspired to put my head down and start writing.  I’ll  resume my Navigator responsibilities and call out the directions as if we’re playing  my version of a road Bingo game.  Creativity is the name of the game.

Me:  “Exit 43B.  Calling Exit 43B.  Okay now calling 581N.  Continue with Exit 67A, calling 67A.  That’s a Bingo Scott.”   This route feels like a Tango.  Ha, ha, ha…..I guess I’m easily entertained.

It’s likely I won’t remember all the details or funny moments over the last few days in the Washington, D.C. area; but here are a few from Day 1.

While I’ve traveled quite a bit, I don’t recall if/when I’ve ever taken a subway before.  This should be an adventure.  Our trip from the nice Cherry Hill campground (recommended by Crystal Lake RV Resort friends) included a bus ride to catch the Metro (“M”) subway down to where we ended by the Capitol on foot.  The D.C. news channel reported that a person in a wheel chair was rescued after falling on to the subway tracks.  He’s LUCKY!  Truly a “God Thing.”  Gosh!  Scary!  I can see now how that might happen.  Hold on to your kids lady.

The “M” arrived with a wind tunnel Whooooosh.  Off flies Scott’s new Tilly hat (recommended by our Sarnia, Canadian friends Jim and Heather McKellar) to help shade his fair skin.  Jack, I mean Scott be nimble.  Scott be quick.  Scott jumped over yonder and caught his Tilly hat.

Silent prayer now for my chronic plantar fasciitis feet as we start the rest of our day on foot on a pleasantly warm and sunny afternoon in downtown Washington, D.C.  First stop was the Botanical Gardens.  We were told by the nice lady sitting at the garden entrance desk that there was no fee.  The lovely garden was created and maintained with U.S. tax dollars.  It’s nice to enjoy something that all our hard work helped pay for.

I love flowers.  They’re like my drug of choice.  They make me smile and feel happy.  Scott has learned that sometimes I just need a “flower fix.”  So we go to the Garden Center at Home Depot, Walmart,  or almost any nursery or garden for that matter.  I did have an “ah ha” moment.  I’m not being morbid; but wouldn’t it be nice to have my funeral/memorial service in a Garden of some sort?    Let me clarify, while I like to find bargains and smell their plants and flowers, this does not mean I want my service at Walmart or Home Depot.  I can hear some of my family members taking note, giggling, and making plans.  I wonder if Como Zoo Conservatory or the Arboretum would allow something like that….they have all sorts of other activities and ceremonies there.

Scott made arrangements through our Minnesota Congressman Eric Paulson to tour the Capital.  This was somewhat familiar to me from my professional D.C. trip years ago while working in health care.  I succeeded at influencing the Health Care Financing Administration staff (known more commonly as HCFA-pronounced Hicfa) that Medicare and Medicaid should pay for a pre-operative exam by an Internist or General Practitioner prior to surgery.  Trust me, you don’t want your Orthopedic Surgeon making judgements or decisions about your heart etc. or medications.  I don’t know if that change has lasted through current reimbursement reductions.  I hope we don’t have to find out personally any time soon.

Interesting that Mr. Paulson’s Capital tour guide for our afternoon was a young man named Taylor….from California.  What’s with that?  Wouldn’t you think it would be someone from his district or at least someone from Minnesota?   We didn’t ask; but wondered if there was some political back scratching going on.  Perhaps Paulson had to “reach across the aisle” and help a kid from California who wants to join the CIA.

The Capital is awesome with history, stunning paintings, and massive carved figurines of important historic people.  Even I was surprised at my interest since I’m not particularly fond of history and old things.  There were elevators involved in this tour and no mishaps thank goodness.

My feet survived.  Back to the “M,” back to the bus, back to the motorhome, pick up the car and off to Olive Garden for dinner before the storm hits…..lots of close lightning strikes; ’twas quite a show.  Back to our cozy cottage on wheels to put our feet up and watch our comfort  program (like comfort food), Wheel of Fortune.

Such is “As the Story Goes” about Washington, D.C. Day 1.  You’re in luck…. a couple more days to follow.  Wink.  Wink.  I’ll try to condense.  smile

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  1. Keep writing Aunt Sylvia. These stories are super fun


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