No Humor in Carpal Tunnel

by | Oct 7, 2017 | Stories

Scott’s wrist/hand pain has been difficult.  Fortunately, he is unaccustomed to pain and it’s causing major sleep and mood disturbance (read between the lines=cranky).  He’s been willing to let me drive more mostly so he can catch some naps (due to his previous night’s pain insomnia) and a change of position for his arm.  He’s trying all the comforting things we can think of in terms of Advil, Tylenol, lidocaine cream, ice, elevation, no elevation, sleeping with extra pillow, sleeping upright….there’s probably something I’ve forgotten.

So, we left a nice Comfort Inn (almost new) in Hopkinsville, KY (near Paduca) this morning.  Traveled a couple miles down the road when Scott realized he’d left his wrist splint behind in the hotel room.  We have to go back because his wrist splint is critical.   I’m surprised as we both usually check the room as we’re leaving. I felt like he’d accidentally packed it; so we stopped on the side of the road to check the suitcase.  I said exit; but he decided just to pull off and open door on driver’s side.  Yikes!!!  Nope, it’s not there.  I normally do all the packing; but in the past year or so, I’ve strongly encouraged him to help more and take more responsibility.  Back to the hotel we go.  Nope, it’s not there either.  Okay, double check the suitcase.  Yup….it’s there….exactly where he’d looked the first time.

This, after last night when I left my purse in the restaurant.  Again, an unusual thing for me; but I was tired and feeling yucky from fatigue.  I realized I didn’t have my purse as we were walking back across the parking lots from the restaurant back to Comfort Inn.  Back we go and there it was still on the floor.

I think we were in bed sleeping by about 8:30.  Not such restful sleep though.  Scott was again uncomfortable and up, down, in and out of bed.  Early morning, he showered, ate breakfast, and went for a walk while he kindly let me sleep. So, getting a much later start today.

As we left the hotel the 2nd time, I motioned with my hands as if re-shuffling our deck of cards to get everything back in order neat and tidy, along with a prayer for a safe pleasant travel day. 


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