North Dakota Here We Come

by | Jun 21, 2014 | Stories

About a month ago Scott’s nephew’s wife, Shannon, who owns Lush Lola, a catering business, put out a “May Day” call for help.  Her business is growing by leaps and bounds resulting in two weddings and a North Dakota Army National Guard contract to provide weekender meals this weekend.  Not knowing exactly what it would all entail, I checked with Scott and asked our 18-year-old granddaughter, Kayla, if we could take a road trip to North Dakota and help serving meals to the Army guys.  Yup…..that’s how it all started.

Thankfully, Jim, Shannon’s husband has joined her full time in the business.  This means that he’ll help us with dinner at the Army Camp outside Garrison, N.D. on Friday night to show us the ropes.  He’ll get breakfast going at 4:00 a.m. on Saturday.  He’ll help get things started for dinner Saturday night.  He’ll drive several hours back to help Shannon with the wedding Saturday tonight.  Their daughter Madison is a sophomore in high school and knows the business well.  She will supervise Scott, Kayla and I to finish preparing, serving, and cleaning up Saturday night dinner.  Jim will drive back after the wedding to be available on Sunday morning breakfast again.  Whew, whew, whew is all I can say. Drive safely Jim.  We know you’re doing all this work with too little sleep.

Back up just a bit.  We’re driving our 36′ RV and towing our Trailblazer.  Thursday night we stayed at the “Jamestown Campground” in you guessed it, Jamestown, N.D.  Before journeying to our destination near Garrison, N.D. we made a quick stop at Wal-Mart, our frequent companion when traveling.  When we were leaving, we sensed an unusual feeling, a sort of jerkiness coming from the Blue Ox hitch (reputable name in the hitch world).  “That’s not right!” we both declared and proceeded to stop to check it out.

We were right, something was wrong!  Not quite sure what, but something………dug out the nifty Blue Ox  paper work file and started calling Customer Service.  We’re anxious to get it figured out…..but of course, on hold for a very long time.  As it turns out, there’s a broken bolt or something like that and it is no longer safe to pull the Trailblazer.  We still have several hours to go and we have to drive both vehicles separately.

Meanwhile, another May Day call from Shannon.  Jim needs additional ice for one of their coolers.  The Army Guard Guys are having their own vehicle mechanical problems and will be arriving at camp several hours late.  What?!!  Does the N.D. Army Guard send their men on the road with tanks, jeeps, and road graders that break down?

More to come……

Love from #LakeWeBeGoneALot


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