Corner Bookie


Each miniature “Corner Bookie”  bookmark is folded, designed, and packaged with love for a bookworm or someone of any age who likes to read with style.  They are great for marking your spot on any type & size book or magazine.

Just slip the “Corner Bookie” over the corner of the page(s) that you wish to mark and “wa la,” you’ll not lose your spot. Works well and looks nice also on Cookbooks, Bibles, and Music Books.  If you love books and want to mark a special spot in your book, we know you’ll love these for a pop of color no matter where you use them.

Corner Bookie Dimensions : 1.5″ x 1.5″ Hand-made with card stock, patterned kraft paper featuring a variety of random colors and designs.

These make a cute gift for any occasion and easy to slip into a Get-Well Card, Birthday Card, Thank You Card, Thinking of You Card.  No extra postage is required for this small item.  They are enjoyed by book lovers, students, and teachers of any age and subject interest.  Need Stocking Stuffers?  Need a Secret Santa Gift?  Need a game prize gift?

Price in clear cellophane sleeve                                               $1.50
Price in colored envelope with clear cellophane sleeve      $1.75
Price in brown craft Gift Card envelope with cellophane    $1.75
Price in mailing brown craft envelope with cellophane       $1.75
Price in small cream-colored organza bag                             $1.75
Price in small brown craft box                                                 $1.75
Price in small black gift box & cellophane sleeve                 $2.50
Price in pretty colored organza bag for multiples:              $1.75 + # of markers
Price in classy coin purse:                                                        $3.50 + # of markers

Mailing Costs Not Included
All Sales Final

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