Red Bell Pepper BACON Pepper Jelly

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If you like bacon and/or red bell pepper jelly, you’re going to be crazy about this amazing new Red Bell Pepper BACON Pepper Jelly combination!  Your family and friends will love it, too.  Count on eating, gifting, or contributing a uniquely delicious experience!

It is speckled with bacon and a minor hint of “heat” (meaning just a little taste of spice; but not overly hot). For those who like it Hotter, I’ve created a version with a little extra hot pepper sprinkled on top.  They are hot bath canned and will easily last for approximately 2 years.  Once opened however, the contents disappear quickly because it is amazingly delicious and addicting.

Purchase options are:
½ Pint Regular Bell Pepper BACON Jelly = $7.00
½ Pint Hot Bell Pepper BACON Jelly = $7.50
¼ Pint Regular Bell Pepper Bacon Jelly = $5.00 (only a couple left)
¼ Pint Hot Bell Pepper Bacon Jelly = $5.50 (only a few left)

This bacon pepper jelly is extremely versatile in its’ uses on just about any food item.  It’s addicting as an appetizer snack on crackers alone or with cream cheese.  It also makes a wonderful BQ or baked flavor on meats and vegetables or as a glaze.

I’ve created a post card list of 20+ ideas which can be purchased for an additional $2.50 (can be discounted depending on quantity ordered) and makes a lovely reference or addition for gift giving purposes.  Just like my other jams and jellies, this product is delicious to enjoy or give as a gift for any occasion with its’ own colorful Syllee’s Strawberry Bacon Pepper Jelly label.  Strawberry Pepper Jelly or Jam make a colorful gift basket combined with Syllee’s Devilish Dills and Banana Bread.

Ask about creating a unique label for corporate or event giving purposes.  Do you have an upcoming family reunion or wedding?  Think about the Holidays.  Do you want to provide a special corporate thank you?  Let us help you stand out by providing something delightfully different for your activity, event, or organization. Are you a business owner who needs a unique “thank you for your business” item?  Your family, friends, and customers will love you.

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Need a unique gift for a family reunion, wedding, birthday, thank you, or corporate gift?  Ask me about creating a special label for your situation.


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