Proud to Serve and Thank Our Military in This Small Way

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Sunday morning breakfast was the last meal and the last time we will ever see these soldiers. They were mostly young, a few middle aged (hard to tell when they all look a lot a like), and mostly men with a few women sprinkled in.  All of them were extremely polite and good looking,  ..the kind you’d be proud to have as your son or daughter.  Lots of “Yes Ma’am” “Please Ma’am.”  Lots of “Thank You Ma’am.”  I would respond, “Certainly.”  Maddie would say sweetly, “You’re very welcome.”  Scott (an ex-military man himself) would say, “Did you have a good drill?”  Kayla was off on the side handing out coffee, milk, and juice.

This was all while Jim was in the Lush Lola kitchen dutifully cooking lots of delicious, scrambled eggs with cheese (Lola’s special recipe), sausage patties, bacon, and potatoes.  Occasionally he got a chance to greet the Guard people when he brought in another pan of delicious “grub.”   No SOS for these troops.

We learned a lot from this experience.  They really do play “GI Joe” out in the hills.  We overheard a superior officer say to a younger/newer Guard Member, “I could have killed you.  I got really, really close to you before you even saw me.  Younger member:  “Yeah, well the others never saw you at all and then you disappeared in the grass again.  This same group will be traveling to Fort Peck Dam near Glasgow, MT. in September for another training experience.  Wished I could stow away to learn more.

The room we served the troop meals in also served as the “war room” for their staging, briefing, and de-briefing communications.  A couple of the soldiers put their cots there to work, sleep, and stand guard over the communications equipment.  They meet with their teams and would talk about what was next, how well they performed, and what they needed to change to improve their exercises.  Each platoon had a unique role and responsibility.  I would tend the food intently to overhear these interesting conversations.  I can’t tell you any details, though, because then I’d have to kill you.  Ha ha!

This is my 3rd attempt at writing this final page to the North Dakota Guard event due to loss of internet connectivity while we continue with our travels into Montana.  I’m sure I’m forgetting some important wit, humor, and details.

I do remember that Kayla, Maddie, and I had some good laughs.  For instance, one time Kayla said to me, “Grandma, you really think you’re funny, don’t, you?!” as we were setting up for one of the meals.  And without a split-second hesitation, I responded, “Yes, I have to. If I don’t who will?  Someone has to don’t you think?”  For some reason that struck her funny and we laughed and laughed like I was a real comedian.  I suppose it is one of those, you had to be there moments.  Thanks to the girls for putting up with some of my enthusiasm and silliness.  They were real hard-working troopers themselves.

Thanks to Shannon and Jim, owners of Lush Lola, for giving us this opportunity to serve those who help protect our freedom in this small way.  The North Dakota Army Guard are handsome, they’re cute, and some might say, they’re hunks.  I don’t go “ga ga” over celebrities like a lot of women do; but I do appreciate a man in a military uniform.  Sorry….I do not mean to neglect the women.  They are also very attractive.

Trust me……there is more to come about on our ongoing travels.  Stay tuned if you’d like.


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