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More Lives Saved

On April 28, 2022, Scott and I coordinated a 2nd (first ever) blood drive in our Florida community. Thanks to the community members, community volunteers with cookies, refreshments, and NCH staff who supported the effort to save more lives.  We appreciated the additional donors, not named because I don’t have their permission, but you know who you are.  It was a smaller end of season turnout; and didn’t quite meet the minimum NCH requirements to bring out the big bus.  However, blood supplies continue to be desperately low, and each donation makes a difference.  I was even able to donate for the first time.  In my younger years, I was not able to donate because I didn’t weigh enough.  Hard to believe, I know.  The NCH Blood bank and the Recipients of the blood we donated are GRATEFUL.  And we are proud!  Thank you over and over!

Original Story Below Created February 15, 2022

Years ago, my personal blood crisis story was a result of an ectopic pregnancy.  It caused me to hemorrhage profusely and required surgery with multiple units of blood to save my life.  My situation, while scary and dangerous, was NOTHING compared to many others with chronic conditions like sickle cell, other blood disorders, or cancers.  Traumatic injuries, and surgeries regularly require extensive amounts of life-preserving blood products.  We take the blood in our bodies and blood supplies for granted, especially when the need does not personally affect us.

Our national blood supply is currently desperately low for all blood types. Scott and I, along with assistance from Pat and Ed Kirby had the good fortune to coordinate this year’s Blood Drive at the Crystal Lake RV Resort in Naples, Florida.  Shannon Sanchez and Liz Lara were the wonderful NCH Blood Center Leaders.  Karen Negri, Helen De Martinez, Karen Gutshall, Ramona Schuler, and Ray Reuse (cookie man) provided refreshments to the donors.  Kevin and Kathie Burke, previous Blood Drive Chairs gave us wonderful guidance from N.Y. State and we’re anticipating they’ll return to their Blood Drive responsibilities in 2023.

We are extremely grateful to those who shared their time and blood to make the blood drive efforts at the Crystal Lake RV Resort a success.  The awesome stats for our communities’ efforts this year are:

    1. 48 Registered Donors
    2. 54 Actual Donors (including some “walk-ins”)
    3. 49 Pints Collected
    4. 147 LIVES SAVED

    There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve contributed to saving a life!  It is especially gratifying when I’ve received the gift of life, too.  Pay back is a blessing!

    Would you share your story or the story of a loved one who has also been blessed by a generous blood donation with me?

    Blood Bus arriving and parking @ CLRVR

    Random Pictures of CLRVR Residents Registering to Donate

    Random pictures of CLRVR Residents Inside the Blood Bus

    2-10-22 CLRVR Blood Drive Team By Community Blood Bus

    Picture submitted by L. Fligg


    1. We’re so happy things went so well! Just goes to show that Crystal Lake is “Simply the very best!”

      • We were honored to be your “stand-ins” for this event. Our best to you and Kathie.

    2. I want to take a minute and give Scott , Sylvia Lee, & Ed, Pat Kirby a special “THANK YOU” it was all your great effort and your support that made this a very successful blood drive.

      It takes great organization, dedication and you not only had 100% show but exceeded your goal.

      A big “Shout Out” to Crystal Lake residents for coming out to donate and saving life’s when we find ourselves with critical blood shortages.

      I look forward to working with you again next year.


      Elizabeth Lara

      Senior Donor Recruiter

      NCH Community Blood Center

      1100 Immokalee Road |Naples, FL 34110

      O: 239-624-6509 I C: 239-734-0290 | |

      • It was a privilege to work along side you and your colleague, Shannon. Your leadership was appreciated.

    3. Thank you and Scott and all the people who worked so hard to make your blood drive such a success. It is inspiring to read your story about donating blood to help save lives. It is a wonderful thing to be able to help others. I know you will continue doing this very important volunteer work.

      • Thank you Mary for your kind words!

    4. Your comments are appreciated!


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