Saving the Night

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“Saving the Night” came to life after Dr. Matthew Caron’s high school friend, David Heitpas died unexpectedly about 5 years ago.  It occurred to Matt that he should not let his friends’ dream of writing a children’s book die, too.  Matthew Caron is a chiropractor, married to Michelle for 28 years with two sons, Jake, and Danny.  He has practiced chiropractic medicine for 30 years on the corner of Randolph and Snelling in St. Paul, MN.

Matt didn’t know anything about writing or publishing a book, but that didn’t stop him.  Over the last several years, he began recalling snippets of the story his friend David had shared with him as their paths intersected since high school.  Matt began writing, writing, and re-writing.  His wife Michelle helped him read, re-read, edit, and re-edit.  He researched the process of self-publishing on yes, of course, the internet.  He was determined to bring his friends book dream to life.

“Fortuitously” and “serendipitously” are two ways to describe how this book evolved.  I like to call them “God Winks.”  For instance, Matt told an illustrator acquaintance about the book and its’ characters. Subsequently, Bill Tierney, the illustrator arrived at Matt’s Chiropractic office with 3’ x 4’ paintings of two of the story characters.  Bill was excited when Matt asked him to illustrate the “Save the Night” book and his artwork is amazing!

Subsequently more “God Winks” occurred.  The character, Monte the Mushroom is named after Pat Towels, another friend of Matt’s who died on the day the first copy of the printed book arrived. David Heitpas’ (original book author) birthday was the next day.  King David is named after David who inspired Matt to write his story.  The character Daisy is named after Matt’s mom, and it was her birthday when he received the first printed book.

A friend of Matt’s nephew, Willie Burns agreed to create the graphic layout of the book which is part of its’ magic. Jamie Schultz photographed all the books paintings.  She is known to Matt’s son Danny who plays in an adaptive hockey program she and her son started.  I will also continue to enthusiastically follow Matt’s progress as a “coincidental” supporter.

All these things and people came together at the right conjuncture contributing to the success of this book.  It’s a lovely story with many fun characters, lessons of friendship, activism, courage, adventure, magic, apologies and believing in the power within yourself to be brave.

I highly recommend this book for personal reading and gift giving for many occasions.  Syllee Creations awards the book a two-thumbs up rating.  It is published through Amazon BookBaby and can be found and purchased through this link:

I sent this review to the Editor and Journalists at the Villager Publication in St. Paul, MN. Please read the great article they wrote after interviewing author, Matt Caron.  Kudos to Matt and Illustrator Bill!

Here is the link to what Mary Ann Grossman, Editor of the Book section of the Pioneer press wrote in her column this fall.

“Matty Caron, who grew up in St. Paul, tells the story of a young Prince who’s afraid of the dark and shares his adventures with a mushroom, a daisy, an eagle and a wolf, all of whom depend on the dark to thrive. It’s a story told to the debut author by his late friend, David Hietpas, 30 years ago. It’s a slightly complicated story for the littlest ones, but those past kindergarten should enjoy it. Bill Tierney’s paintings are almost like photographs and make for a very pretty book.”

Per the Pioneer Press, “Mary Ann joined the Dispatch-Pioneer Press in 1961 when there were two papers. She has been a fashion writer, a women’s columnist and the women’s department editor who brought “society” pages into the 20th century. She was named book editor in 1983, just when the local literary community exploded. She has won the Minnesota Book Awards Kay Sexton Award, a Page One Award and YWCA Leader Lunch Award. She retired in 2001 and works part time. A graduate of Macalester College, she lives on St. Paul’s West Side in a money-sucking Victorian house with assorted old animals.”

It is a honor to be recognized by someone of Mary Ann Grossman’s experience and stature.  I pitched the “Saving the Night” book to Ms. Grossman months earlier.  Author Matt Caron provided a copy of his “Saving the Night” book for Ms. Grossman’s review.  Kudos again to Matt for writing a memorable book illustrated beautifully by  Bill Tierney.    


  1. Saving the Night is a beautiful book: the creation of the book, the many coincidences in that creation, the beautiful people whose lives the characters were modeled after, the beautiful illustrations, and the beautiful story itself with beautiful life lessons that Dr. Matt brought to life.

    • Thank you for your insight Margie Anderson. We concur wholeheartedly.

  2. I knew Matty, Dave and Pat in high school, and kept in touch with Matty since then. The story is beautifully written and illustrated, which makes it quite a treasure. And honoring his friends and Mom with this book, makes it extra special. I originally bought the book to give to my great niece, but after reading it, I’m keeping it 😁.

    • Cathi-Thank you for your sweet endorsement about the “Saving the Night book.” I hope you’ll consider buying another one for your great niece. It’s one of those books a person will treasure for a lifetime.

  3. Thanks for your wonderful review Sylvia. Highland Villager will be coming out with an article on “Saving The Night”. I’ll forward when I get a link and the article is published. 🙂 Matty Caron.

    • You’re SO welcome Matt. I’m glad I could help facilitate the connection with the Highland Villager for their upcoming article. Life “Takes a Village” (intended pun). Let me know when you’re ready to discuss other things in the marketing tip bag.


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