The Gift of Blood

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Stories

Some of you may have seen my post on Facebook; but I wanted to include our Christmas 2021 Day Story on the Syllee Creations website for others who are not Facebook participants and to document our “creative” Christmas Day service activity.  This was our creative way to spend Christmas December 25, 2021.

Scott and I are so grateful and blessed to have had an opportunity today to make a difference in someone’s life. We have been absent from most of our most of our Red Cross Volunteer Disaster Responder, Emergency Vehicle Driving and Blood Specialist Transportation activities due to Pandemic worries. Today we decided to dip back into Blood Transportation on an emergency basis rather than feeling like Christmas Day “Orphans” because we’d already completed our family celebrations in previous days.

The need for blood due to illness or an accident does Not take a vacation on Christmas. Team lead Scott manages the blood boxes and Administrator Sylvia processes the paperwork. We don’t have a clue who we might have helped; but have great satisfaction knowing that at least two people, and maybe more, benefited from the STAT/ASAP blood we delivered to two local hospitals this afternoon. Those blood products may have saved someone’s life or made someone more comfortable. I was the recipient of two blood transfusions in 1985 that saved my life.  I know firsthand.    

We are hoping our grandchildren will inherit our genetic disposition to give back and help others. Please tell us in the comments section below about your holiday service ideas.  Are you interested in any of the many rewarding Red Cross Volunteer opportunities? 


  1. 1/27/22 Text: I really enjoy reading your stories. We are not on Facebook, so I can’t reply there. Keep it up! Mary T.

  2. Thanks for sharing your website after church today. I am also not on Facebook. My compliments to you & Scott for dedicated & devotional service to others.

    • Thank you Loren for your kind words. I am happy to put you on my website email notification list if you would like. You may find some of my posts funny or interesting and others not. This site is mostly for my amusement; but I’m happy to share.

      • Yes, I received your response. The system is working. Yes, go ahead & add me ; I’ll share with Mary Ellen.


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