The Traveling Diary–Pandemic Survival–A Sisterhood of Stories

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This is a good one; but where and how can I start this story?  How can I write to explain this experience so people will understand?  Here goes….

When the Covid-19 Virus slammed into our lives in 2020, we all quickly went into survival mode.  The Traveling Diary was mentioned on TV which I found myself watching more than usual in our isolation from the rest of the sickies in the world.  I knew I had to find out more about the Traveling Diary and add it to my pandemic survival bucket.  I had to become part of the Traveling Diary journey.  With my usual tenacity, and the powers of the internet, I connected with the “owner.”

She explained the tour was born out of a desire to connect with women globally during this time and a curiosity to learn about other women and their stories.  I was chosen to become part of the Traveling Diary tour.  Yay!  I love to write, and I love to learn about others.  Now what?

Waiting for the diary to arrive so I could write my own “now” story and take this diary excursion was not easy when everything in our lives required extra patience.  She told me that the average wait time was 2-6 months to receive the diary.  She stated that no one should expect it to arrive quickly as this experience was born out of a desire and willingness to wait for stories that are “real.” The diary takes a long journey that unfolds before us as it goes from woman to woman, heart to heart, collecting its stories and delivers them to our doorsteps.

Diaries get stuck in the mail or even in people’s homes due to unforeseen circumstances.  They cannot be rushed.  Getting stuck is part of the adventure that was embraced with this patient community that believes in the power of stories.  We were supposed to have the willingness to wait for them to show up at the right time.

Kyra, the creator of the Traveling Diary tour advised it has an adventure of its own traveling from hand to hand, woman to woman across the globe via snail mail. When it arrives in your mailbox,  it will be worth the wait to open the package and see what stories it holds. We were advised to be sure to take special care of the diary when it arrives because in between those pages are the dreams, hopes, and sacred thoughts of other women who trust you to ensure the sanctity of their stories. The magic is in the wait.

After I had been accepted into the “Sisterhood” and added to the snail mail que, another disaster almost struck.  In the heat of having emergency knee surgery, I thought I’d misplaced my invitation to participate.  Horrors!  This is almost too much….right?  I wrote to Kyra Peralte, Creator of The Traveling Diary Tour, to make sure I didn’t lose my place in line to receive my traveling diary.

I received the confirmation, “I hope this email finds you doing well. I’m writing to let you know, The Traveling Diary: A Sisterhood of Stories tour is in motion and the diary is soon on its way to you.”   Oh my gosh, what a relief!  I was thinking, and thinking, and mentally writing what contribution I would make to the diary about my life.  I know I have a “not so ordinary” life story and it would be impossible to write about all of it.  What part should I share?  Should I evoke the “confidential” option that was a permissible status of my entry in the diary book as it travels to whereabouts I will not know.  Should I play it safe and write publicly about non-controversial life topics?  Or should I optimize this opportunity and let it all out?!

I was told that I could write as many pages as my heart desires.  I could take up as much space as I wanted.  Danger was lurking with that!  When the diary visits, it should only stay at my house for three days to read and add any of my own stories with the other women in the community that I didn’t know. Who will read my story? The diary is a safe space for women to share their stories. The community is diverse women from around the world and is not shared on any other social medica platform.  It is “free” to participate.

After some time, I heard from Kyra again.  “Your diary should be arriving soon.  Please confirm your mailing address.  We are so curious to learn about you and the stories that you will share about yourself.”  Self-doubt creeps in and my mental story writing ramps up again.

Months passed until my diary finally arrived.  I couldn’t wait to meet the women in my diary and read their stories.  It felt wonderful to be connected by the words on those pages. What pieces of my life should I put out in this “Sisterhood of Stories?”  Dear Diary…………………….

If you are interested in your own traveling diary journey experience, you should contact:

Kyra Peralte
Creator of The Traveling Diary Tour
to connect with women globally
Instagram: @the_traveling_diary_tour

Tell her Sylvia from Syllee Creations says hello and sends best wishes for continued success with The Traveling Diary Tour.

You can help keep “this” story traveling by telling me via the Comments section below what you think I shared or should share in the Traveling Diary.


  1. I think it would be great if you could perhaps share a story about the person or persons who most influenced or impacted your life.

    • Dear Susie Thompson,
      That’s thought provoking. Hmmm. Influenced my life in a humorous way? Impacted me the most negatively? Influenced me most joyfully? This will take some substantial “noodling.” Thank you for tickling my thoughts.

  2. Sylvia – what an interesting idea the Traveling Diary is! Your road trips writings are so much fun to read. I think you probably put some of those in the Diary. You are a natural writer so anything you submit should be enjoyed by all the participants.


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