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Add “and write, eat good food, and maybe drink a little wine” to this cartoon.  It seems I’m often inspired to write while traveling.  Life gets a little more interesting sometimes. Precarious? Adventurous?

November 2023 Florida Travel Trip Chapter #1:

Here we go on our tip to Florida.  I was packed and loaded to avoid any possibility of grumbling. Ha!  I inaugurated the beginning of our trip with my favorite breakfast, a McDonald’s Bacon Cheese McGriddle.  Scott hooked up the tow vehicle behind the 2020 purchased Covid Bubble motorhome in the adjacent Ace Hardware parking lot where it’s flat, not crowded, and not blocking our neighbors’ driveways.  Off we go!  We’re content and happy road warriors.  All is good!

Until……Mt. Pleasant, Iowa where we woke up to approximately 4 inches of snow the next morning.  Our motorhome “dining room” and “master bedroom” slide was out and the awning that covers it while extended was covered and sagging with the weight of the snow.  The awning is not reachable from the ground, and we had no way of getting up to brush the snow off.  Even if we did, was there ice, was it frozen, would it retract properly?

Friendly comments from other RV’ers we consulted were, “Don’t you watch the weather? And Good Luck!”  Of course, we did, and it was supposed to go around us, but it didn’t.  This is a little more upsetting for Scott than me. I look at it as just part of another adventure to write about.  Of course, I’m not the one that must physically deal with it.  Easy for me, right?!

Scott went to the Campground Office where he found a helpful “12-year-old” manning the store/office.  She was able to find a key to the storage closet and Wa La….just what we needed…. the oldest, ricketiest, wobbliest wooden ladder we could have hoped for with large cracks in the supporting cross braces.

I am the obvious ladder “anchor.”  Now really.  Think about it.  If the ladder tipped or collapsed, how much help do you think I would be?  Exactly!  In fact, it would be double trouble.  Instead of one of us getting hurt, it would be both of us.  Misery loves company, I guess.

It should be warming up the further south we go, right?  Destination Nashville for a couple days to see some friends, Grand Old Opry tickets for Scott’s birthday, and some additional music scene downtown is the agenda.

We haven’t escaped the temperatures still dropping below freezing.  Yes, we need to shower.  Yes, we need to do some dishes.  Let’s consider a heated water hose.  Let the researching and investigating begin. The Camping World staff (located almost next door to our KOA Campground) tells Scott he has a 5th wheel that he lives in year around, uses the heated water hose, and never has a problem. Sold!

Ready to install the newly purchased heated water hose until Scott reads the instructions, fine print, and disclaimers.  Oh, by the way, the product may not work if the water faucet is not properly wrapped and insulated.

Scott:  “Um, honey, do you have a towel I could destroy to use for faucet insulation?”

Me: “For running water and a shower etc., I’ll sacrifice a towel.”

Interested in knowing if the “make-do” towel faucet insulation and heated water hose worked?  Me too!  Will I write another chapter or the ending to this story?  I don’t even know yet…..but I’ll let you know if I do.

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