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Update: Trusted Remodeling and Trusted Snow Removal are now Trusted Property Management LLC


Speaking and working with Dominic Hanlin, owner and operator of the business described below will demonstrate his abilities.  It is your responsibility to do your own “due diligence” when you give him consideration for your project(s).

Typically, I complete reviews based on my own experience.  In this case, I am providing this referral based on my very valuable  “I/I” aka my “Irish Intuition,” along with some other information.  Dominic Hanlin responded immediately to my Facebook invite for interest in a business review.  He took the initiative and every communication with him has been quick, complete, insightful, industrious, and helpful.  He shows ambition and demonstrates a sincere high energy to grow his business.  I am going beyond my normal business review practices because I want to see him succeed.

Please contact Dominic and refer to his Facebook page for additional “real” comments that are accumulating based on his satisfied customers. 

TRUSTED REMODELING Contact Information:
Phone:  763-516-1719
Facebook Link:

While growing up, Dominic worked with his dad’s contracting business, with other contractors, and subsequently on his own for years.  He learned and became proficient with many skills such as flooring, painting, remodeling, etc.  There’s nothing like “hands on” training and mentoring from a parent and others.

Everything in this home was previously painted yellow.  This homeowner chose red to accent their back kitchen wall and entryway with grey walls to make it more vibrant and interesting.

Look at the dramatic difference in the fireplace after it is refreshed with a whitewashed painting technique.  This is a popular new look which lightens and brightens the room.  The walls in this room were previously painted yellow.  The homeowner chose to update with a grey color for a more current look.

“YAY…this is my kitchen and I’m absolutely in love with the results.  Thank you Dominic and Ben!”

Teresa ‘Showalter’ French

“Trusted Remodeling provided me with an on-site quote within two days of initially speaking with him and was to start the project the next week.  He painted my entire main floor with attention to detail and was thorough start to finish.  He took the time to hear my expectation, kept me informed, and even took time to talk to the pets daily.  Highly recommended and will definitely be contacting him for future projects.  Thank you Dominic!”

K. Strecker


  1. We deliver material take-offs and costs estimating services for residential and commercial projects. Our rates are per project and you can reach out if you’re interested in outsourcing your project. Thank you


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