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2/16/22 Update:

A few more Crystal Laker’s joined the February 16, 2023, St. Matthews Food Distribution event.  It’s a privilege to participate in providing groceries to help those needing some food assistance .  Click on the pictures below for an expanded view and see picture labels.  Do you recognize any of your CLRVR neighbors?

Not sure if you knew that donations from the Crystal Lake RV Resort Church (Sunday Worship services @ 9:30 a.m. in the Main Club House) are directed to the St. Matthew House. 

Please comment below if you are interested in being contacted to help “feed” the St. Matthews House Food Assistance Mission. Thank you for your anticipated interest and sharing with your CLRVR neighbors who might not see this email.

Once upon a Time on February 2, 2023 at CLRVR:  ‘Twas another good day for Crystal Lake Volunteerism.  Kevin and Kathie Burke did great job facilitating the 2023 Blood Drive at the Main Club House, assisted by Pat & Ed Kirby, and SON Volunteers for refreshments, as well as others who I did not observe during the time I was donating blood.  Liz from the Blood bank and the team in the Blood Bus made sure the operations were smooth and efficient.  Kudos to everyone from the park who participated.  We are proud of this community.

While we were a pint low so to speak, we continued our day of volunteer research at the St. Matthews House Food Distribution Center.  Thank you to Manny and Elisabeth for the enthusiastic, passionate, humorous, and informative tour.  Do you recognize any of the CLRVR attendees in these pictures?  We applaud their interest!  Margaret and I are scheduled to participate in another “drive through” food distribution event on February 16. 

We are considering other ways to contribute to the Food Distribution program.  Please let me know if you are interested in the various types of volunteering related to this program.  We will continue our research and due diligence regarding opportunities for CLRVR to support this program. We are blessed and look for ways to help others.


  1. Very nice!

    • Thank you Kevin. I hope we can generate some interest and CLRVR participation & contributions to the St. Matthews House Food Distribution Mission. Hopefully you’ll hear more from us about this.

      • Sylvia,
        I can’t lift or walk very far but if there are jobs like addressing envelopes or making phone calls, I’d be happy to help out.

  2. It was a wonderful experience to see a great ministry. Thank you for setting it up Sylvia.

    • Thanks Chelsey. It was great meeting you and your family to participate in learning more about the St. Matthews Food Distribution Mission. I’ll reach out to you again if/when we figure out additional opportunities. A few of us did another related “drive through” food distribution event on 2/16/23. I appreciate the value of the mission.

  3. From Carol Bevivino:

    Good morning, Sylvia.
    I really enjoyed distributing food with St Matthew’s and was overwhelmed by the need. Tom has told me about your idea of collecting food via a bin placed in the CL laundry room. What a great idea. Due to the fact that CL is seasonal, hopefully a lot of canned and boxed food can be collected as people leave to go home. It’s a great way to clean out that pantry prior to leaving for the season.
    What other type of volunteerism do you envision for CL? I watched the virtual tour about the food pantry/warehouse on the St Matthew’s website. I thought it may be possible to get a team of CL volunteers to pack a few pallets.
    Thank you and Scott for stirring the hearts of CL.
    Best regards,
    Carol Bevivino

    • Thank you Carol for your interest & enthusiasm. We’ll keep you in the loop as more St. Matthews volunteer plans develop for your support.

  4. From Kathie Burke:

    If there are jobs like addressing envelopes or making phone calls, I’d be happy to help out.

    • Thank you Kathie, for your interest! We’ll be sure to connect with you as additional plans develop. Stay tuned as they say…..

  5. Good for you. We have a huge food donations organization in OKC. Friends of mine volunteer there on a weekly basis. I haven’t gotten into this yet. Since we now live in the country it’s a long way to drive

    • It’s important you take care of yourself. I know you’ve had a lot going on. Sometimes we take on a bit too much. Don’t do as I do. Do as I say dear GHS friend.


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