Was It Worthwhile?

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Stories

July 2023 Update:

You might recall this story I posted winter 2023.  It was it titled “Was It Worthwhile?”  The answer is yes, it was SO Worthwhile and such a great memory now!

Our Holly graduated with honors from St. Michael Albertville High School.  She continues to work this summer at the Albertville Outlet Mall.  True to her personality and style, she’s also honoring her love of band and music by participating in the Super Senior Marching Band program post high school graduation.  Lots of parades and fun before she’s off to start her college career.

She’ll start at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in an Honors program with both extra requirements and some extra privileges.  She plans to pursue an Engineering degree with a possible emphasis in Automation which fits well with her many years and interest in robotics.  To quote Dr. Suess, “Oh the Places You’ll Go” and we can’t wait to watch and witness her journey. 

She knows she can count on our love and support as she proceeds with the next big chapter in her life.

1/27/23: Quick trip home to Minnesota from Florida to surprise Granddaughter Holly for her 18th birthday.  Because we’re always in Florida for her birthday, we wanted to do something special for this one as she is graduating from high school this year.  I found a cheap flight on Spirit Airlines that made it worth flying through and laying over in Detroit for 4+ hours for the savings…………Until Scott went to reserve our seats which is not allowed until 24 hours in advance.

  • Oh, did you want to sit down on this flight??   Uh oh, that will cost an additional $70.00.
  • Oh, did you want to sit together?  Uh oh, you can’t use the “skip” button to bypass this additional charge.
  • Oh, would you like to bring a carry on?  Uh oh, that will be another $70.00 for just one (our usual) carry on unless it fits in their shoe box size allowance box.
  • On the flight, would you like some water to drink??  Uh oh, that will be $4.00.  Okay, guess we’ll have a glass of ice.  I’ll blow some of my humorous “hot air” to make it melt.

Me:  Scott, maybe we should consider flying first class next time.

Scott:  LOL LOL.  I just turned down a $4.00 bottle of water.  The flight is not looking so cheap after all, he said in that “I was right (and he was)” attitude.

Detroit Airport Layover:  There’s fresh snow on the ground.  Snowplows are out in full force on the runways with loads of red, white, and yellow, flashing lights.  They’re marching in a very long line, several plows deep.  It’s quite a sight and the snow is getting more serious.  We may be spending Holly’s birthday celebration in the Detroit airport.

Detroit Airport Restroom:  I’m confused.  Or they’re confused.  Someone is confused.  The water faucet looks like a soap dispenser.  And the soap dispenser looks like the water faucet.  What’s going on here?  I kept trying to get water to come out of the faucet.  It kept dispensing more soap.  Yes, I know the definition of insanity. 

We were looking forward to picking up Holly’s cousin, Gracie, but she tested positive again (2nd time) for Covid.  We’ve kept our surprise trip for Holly’s birthday a secret from Gracie because we didn’t know if she could keep the surprise.  Holly, Leah, and Gracie are the three cousins (granddaughters) that we call “the three amigos.”  We have several traditions with them, including an annual pickle canning session at Grandma Syllee’s. I was looking forward to seeing “my girls.”  Gracie has more symptoms this time and is indeed disappointed, too. 

Scott and I are “Unicorns.”  We haven’t had so much as a sniffle.  No colds,  No flu.  No Covid.  We are truly blessed to stay healthy!.  Is it no wonder I like to hibernate in our “Naples Nest?!”  We remember when Covid first blossomed, and we went on a long planned “Panama Canal Cruise.”  It was our first Cruise together and then Covid arrived (but not on our ship).  We did not get to enjoy some of the planned stops on the trip because we were not allowed to enter some foreign ports.  When we returned, there were some Residents in our Florida Community who did not want the bus load of us who had taken the trip to return.  It was the fear factor.   Incredibly, Covid continues to create havoc.  When will it stop?

1/28/23:  Today was Holly’s Birthday Party and you might be wondering if this adventurous trip to frigid Minnesota was worthwhile.  ABSOLUTELY and these pictures tell it all!! 


  1. It was so great you could come for her birthday. We’ve missed you since you’ve started to go south for the winter. It was a great day. Hope your trip home was a smooth one.

    • Thank you Grandma Judy! We enjoyed every minute of the time with Holly et al. Our trip home was a direct flight (thank goodness) and uneventful (another thank goodness). Time “flew” quickly as I prepared this story and pictures.

    • Oh, the joys of flying in 2023! LOL. Whatever we do and get to share with our grandkids DOES make it all worthwhile! Well done!

      • Susie–Thanks for reading and commenting. You are absolutely correct! See you soon.

  2. I love a story with a happy ending! remember the days when flying was glamorous? We’d get all dressed up with our Sunday best? And as expensive as it was, relative at least to “Riding the Dog” a.k.a. taking the Greyhound, it included all the things you mentioned. Anyway, a happy ending!

    • Happy ending for sure with memories and recollections to come for many years. Remember when? Holly’s reaction was adorable. She is a joyous young lady.

  3. A memory of a lifetime for grandparents and Holly. Years from now you will say.,,remember when we…..
    Well done you two grands’

    • Thank you Linda. We sure enjoyed the trip even though it was a bit of a hoot in some ways.


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