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Random Sylleeness 5/24/24

Syllee loves when a friend or relative offers a charitable “Random Sylleeness” contribution.  Thank you K.Burke!

Random Sylleeness 5/11/24

Last summer’s purchase of a Food Saver from Costco has catapulted me into a whole new world of savings and efficiencies.  Useful gadgets are my “thing,” so I’m not sure why it took me so long to discover this money and time savings tool.  Some people think of everything.   Gotta love this creative thinking for using the Food Saver for pasta or anything else needing boiled water.  I can’t stop laughing!

Random Sylleeness 3/30/24

Scott and I are generously offering our taste testing skills to any of our Peeps who are interested in providing a sample of this recipe.  We are in demand for this kind of thing but we’ll make ourselves available.  We want you to succeed!  Let us know when we can help you.  smile


Random Sylleeness 2/4/24

My daughter gifted me some dryer balls a couple years ago. They’ve replaced my use of fabric softener sheets and I’m happy not to have those chemicals on our clothes.  I’ve become quite attached to them, so if one of them goes MIA in a pants leg or shirt sleeve, I panic.  It’s almost like when your child disappears when shopping in a store.  Is there such a thing as dryer ball therapy?  Syllee Me!

Random Sylleeness 11/27/23

How’s this for a Hannibal, Missouri delicacy?  Yum Yum!  Would you try it with “heavy on the mud?”  Or “extra mud?”  A “side of extra mud?” “Light or dark mud?”  “Smooth or chunky mud?” 

Random Sylleeness 10/29/23

Now this is Silly enough to make it to Random Sylleeness. If anyone finds or knows the vendor for this product, let me know so I can post the link here as a public service announcement for cat lovers everywhere. 

Random Sylleeness 9/9/23

Please share your thoughts if you saw this sign in your doctor’s blood drawing lab area

Random Sylleeness 5/19/23

This may or may not be true………………….
Thank you to someone in the Meadows Book Club who contributed this cartoon.  

Random Sylleeness 4/15/23

I wonder if a golf cart hit this sign?!  Try to find the humor…..

Random Sylleeness 3/5/23

I adopted (i.e. snatched) this recipe from Facebook Friend Diane Newell.  Thank you, Diane, for generously posting this Irish No Yeast Green Bread aka Pistachio Bread.  Syllee Creations thinks the best things in life are green.  And how can you go wrong with pistachios?

Random Sylleeness 3/4/23

When the menu at the Sandbar & Spirits Restaurant on Sana Maria Island Says:

Menu Item:
Whole Fish       $40.00
chef’s selection | green plantains | sesame ginger sauce | escabache | bahamian rice

Do you think it is sharable?  And do you really think they mean a WHOLE fish?  Guess so!

Happy Adventurous Anniversary to Us!     Scott & Sylvia

Random Sylleeness 1/8/23

My chronic insomnia calls for desperate attention and measures.  I’m thinking about buying this sleep shirt.  Do you think it will help?  Will it give my body a subliminal message?  Worth a try, don’t you think?!  If it works, I’ve initiated plans to patent the proprietary technology.

Scott’s nose was cold.  I suggested covering it with one of those small cone shaped eye patches.  I offered to take his picture for FB and posterity.  So far, he’s declined.  Darn it. It’s a perfect solution for his cold nose and my humor.  Of course, plans to patent this unique scientific nose warming technology are also pending. 

Oscar Meyer is looking for 2023 Hot Doggers.  The job description includes driving the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile through many states and representing the Oscar Meyer Hot dog for a year.  They think a new college graduate looking for a job and an adventure would be suitable.

Most people who know us would probably agree it would be a perfect fit for Scott and i.  Afterall, we’re “Seniors.”  Never mind that we graduated many years ago.  We think our marital middle name should be “adventure.”  Or in this case, “Scott & Sylvia Hot Dogger Adventurous Lees.”  Who thinks the picture below looks like us after our new job interview?  Let’s take a vote on how many people think we should accept an Oscar Meyer job offer.  Cast your vote with a Yay or Nay reply.

Here’s the info: 



  1. When I was a small child, my mother’s cousin was a salesman who represented Oscar Mayer. When the Weinermobile came to town, we got to ride in it with “Little Oscar, the driver. he seemed to enjoy his job?”

  2. If Oscar doesn’t work out, Planters is looking for some nuts to drive their new Nutmobile across country. I think you and Scott would be the perfect nuts!

    • Joe Lowenthal–Is this true? Or are you being Syllee? It sounds like a great idea and I like how you think!
      I’m ringing Syllee’s Celebratory Gratitude Bell again. You are the winner of a Magnetic Book Mark. https://www.sylleecreations.com/product/magnetic-bookmarks/
      Did you message me privately through the “Contact Syllee” at the very bottom of this page with your mailing address?

  3. I got 3 new nightgowns from Ross’s. However they are a stretchy synthetic fabric. I was hoping for flannel or T shirt type materiel, but had to take what they had. One plain, one that had LOVE in a square format and one with Mickey Mouse. After I lost that 45 pounds due to the undiagnosed A FIB the other ones I had are like wearing a tent. Have fun with the NUT or OSCAR. Oscar visited my work site some years ago. What fun!

  4. Here is a good one for someone who has a cat.
    When visiting my house, please remember if you don’t like cat hair, stay off my sofa. I live here, you are the guest. You will be sniffed and possibly licked, deal with it. To you I am a cat, but here I am the baby. They like me more than they like most humans. They love me, they are only friends with you.

  5. To funny Sylvia. Enjoyed very much. Ps love The Cat Lady Haf.😂😂😂😂😽


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