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What would a trip in our RV be without a story?  It seems like that’s when I’m most prolific.  Love driving down the highway and tapping away on my Lenovo.  Look up and around.  Think.  What do I want to remember?  What might make me chuckle when I re-read later?  Smile.  Sip of coffee.  Thinking. 

5-5-24 Travel Journal Notes 1st Installment.  I don’t know if there will be more installments than this; but just in case, I’ll call this the 1st Installment. 

Background:  Always good to lay the groundwork, right?  It’s been one “hella” (you heard me.  One HECK) of a winter for “Scooter” aka Scott and me.  I rarely, if ever call him that.  It’s an old high school nickname from his football coach and I didn’t know him them; but it’s kind of cute and funny.  It makes me smile so I’ll toss it in.  Scooter has a knack for giving me writing material. 

Scott and I just had 4 full months of some rather concerning health hiccups (my attempt to downplay them). I’ll spare the details that we’d rather forget anyway. We did our best and mostly succeeded to literally hide our problems and make the best of warm Florida weather. Some people even questioned whether we were “making it all up” because we became quite skillful at dressing up and “putting lots of lipstick on the pig,” as the saying goes.  Some people were curious and would like to know the “nitty gritty.”  It was mutually frustrating that half the time or more we didn’t even know the “nitty gritty.”  A lot of unknowns.  A lot of uncertainties. 

Fast forward to today.  We optimistically are putting this behind with resolve to go to our quiet happy places for final healing.  We know the future has some questions; but how is that different from anyone else’s lives?  We will be taking a respite to the Blue Finn resort in northern Minnesota mid-June and going fishing on Lake of the Woods with a guide out of Baudette, MN mid-July.  What are the chances we’ll have more experiences to write about?  Life is and will be good.  Strangers have often told us in the past that we’re “such a cute couple.”  That speaks to the demeanor we hope to re-kindle.  Count our blessings!

Okay—here’s the rest of the story for my May 5, 2024 Travel Journal Installment which begins actually a week or so before.  You might recall that I have a motto about owning and traveling in an RV.  “It’s always something.”  And by that, it’s usually not something good. Time to get ready for our trip home.

Check the RV.  Ooops.  Rear dual tire low again.  Back to the place that did the January repair.  The leak was a bugger to find and ended up being the stem, which I guess is common for aluminum rims.  There’s a different type of stem recommended that we’ll probably research and consider further.  This repair place is a gem in Naples, Florida where things seem extra expensive.  After all their time and effort, it only cost $40.00.

5-4-24:  Started loading the motorhome and decided it would be easier and roomier to put the slide out so that the fridge door opens fully.  The slide won’t go out!  Try again.  The slide won’t go out.  Tried again.  Tried again.  It won’t budge for than 1-2 inches. Our murphy bed is on the slide.  This is a must for our trip!!  We tried rocking it.  A little in and a little out.  A little in and a little out.  Still won’t extend.  May Day!  May Day! 

Scott:  Sylvia, you push the button to extend while I go out and try to tug at it a bit. 

Me:  Sure

Scott:  Screaming at the top of his lungs.  STOP,  STOP, STOP, STOP!!!!! 

Me:  I am!  I Did!  I Did!!

Scott:  You smashed my fingers!!!! 

Me:  Oh boy.  Oh boy.  Oh boy.  That must hurt.  I don’t see blood.  Are you okay?  Your fingers don’t look flat.  What should I do? 

Scott:  You smashed my fingers!!! 

Me:  I’m so sorry.  I don’ see any cuts.  Do you want ice?  Do you want heat?  Do you want Advil?  What do you need?  Let’s hug. That will help!  

Help!  Help!  Now what should we do on a Saturday afternoon with plans to leave Sunday morning?  We wondered if the rubber seal on the slide was stuck from sitting in the Florida heat for the last several months.*  Scott found a handy, dandy flat wooden spoon thingy that he gently and carefully slid between the rubber seal and the motorhome.  Miracle of miracles, it worked.  Scott flexed the slide’s muscles a few times and in and out it went again like a champ.  Scott and the flat wooden spoon saved the day!  We are grateful.  Counting our blessing we’ll be able to get started tomorrow without further ado.

No further ado that is, after checking our “Leaving Florida” spreadsheet reminder list.  And checking it twice.  It had 49 reminders (I KID YOU NOT) on it and that didn’t include food and clothing reminder items.  A bit overwhelming, eh? 

*Note to self:  Add check slide mechanics to reminder list and remember to check prophylactically while in storage in the future. Just another reminder like starting the engine, running the generator and rooftop air, and checking tire pressures periodically. 

P.S.  I just read this story out loud with proper expression and dramatic effect to Scott while he’s driving down the road.  When it came to the “smashed fingers” part, I started laughing OUT LOUD, the kind where your tummy jiggles.  He was laughing, too; but rest assured it was not SO funny when it was happening. 

P.P.S.  And if this story doesn’t make you want to post a comment…  The “Submit a Comment” section currently resides below the “Privately Contact Syllee” Box.  Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Please and thank you.

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