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Last year I posted an all-time favorite Christmas letter from a friend’s 11-year-old daughter (Sidney).
I recommend a refresher by re-reading Sidney’s letter from X-mas 2021.

Additional Background:  The mom of this family (Shawna) was a valued colleague in my St. Paul, MN Highland Park EmbroidMe franchise store some years ago.  The store was my creative outlet after leaving a long career in health care administration at two academic teaching hospitals.  I sincerely enjoyed and appreciated Shawna as a hard worker with creativity and a marketing college degree.  Shawna departed with her husband (Carver) to follow his military career in Arizona and Alaska.  After he was discharged from his military engagement, they returned to northern Minnesota to continue raising their family.  You’ll see how it is my pleasure to continue our friendship.

Here is the middle child’s (Hailey) Christmas 2022 letter for your reading enjoyment (with their permission, of course).  Sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy her story.  I’m already looking forward to their son’s letter in the future if he decides to follow in his older sister’s footsteps.

Hello and Merry Christmas

Last year Sidney wrote our letter so this year It’s my turn. Here is our 2022 wrapup

Let’s dive right in and start with my dad, Carver. To my standards he’s been doing great! Lots of outdoor work, cleaning, working nights, and a list of chores approximately a mile long. (I measured) But he isn’t always busy at work. Some days he gets to stay home and relax with his family. That’s quite a quick summary, but I’m not writing a book

To keep moving forward lets go on to my mother, Shawna. I would also say she’s doing great. Again she’s also busy at work, and with picking up, driving kids to sports and activities, cooking and preparing meals and what not. My mom also took us skiing a couple days ago and that was fun, scary but fun

Next we got Sidney. Sidney is still a Varsity sideline cheerleader & JV competition cheerleader. She’s tiny so she flies. They recently just finished football and now moved onto basketball. Hey next time you see her, ask her about Nick. She can still be rude, pretty sassy, and bossy but she is nice at heart. (sometimes that is) Let’s see if she will make it on the nice list

Speaking of lists, the next one on the list is Bobby. Bob was in football but that ended about a month and a half ago. He had thoughts about basketball and wrestling but he claimed I wanna take a break from sports, ok there buddy. He still can be pretty lazy and in love with the nintendo switch and his kindle and consistently showing me his roblox avatars saying rate this from 1-10. I normally answer with a 4, and a 6 if I’m feeling generous. But I’m not here just to talk bad about my brother, he is also a sweet loving boy and I know he cares about me. He likes spending time with me and asking me to play video games with him or keep building our snow fort

It looks like next up is me (Hailey ovi). I have been enjoying a lot of things recently. School is great, Sports are great. I am returning to figure skating and I’m doing my second league of volleyball this year. I recently celebrated my 11th birthday and had a bunch of friends over for a sleepover. I’ve been doing alot of cleaning and organizing in my room. I have also been making chevron bracelets, clay bead bracelets, pony bead bracelets, and lots more

Looks like i got just enough room to talk about the pets! Ginger, Palmer, Roberta, Alice, Edith, Carmen, Lucky, and Drumstick are still a little confused about the new coop and are lacking on eggs. Other than that, they’re good. Barrow, Juno and Homer are all still with us for this christmas. Yay! And they have obviously been getting the spoiled treatment

Im out of space so with all my love

your favorite Wahlstrom


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